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kiss me, i'm irish
interested? i think it would be so fun.
doesn't she look like lucy from chronicles of narnia?
the ms craft dept was featured in an article, and their personal crafting projects were shown.
What are your tips for clearing clutter so you can focus on such a project as sewing?" well mary, let me answer your question by showing you some examples of how i deal with clutter in different areas of my home:
when you need to be home, may you find your way.
i LOVE this picture and am so inspired to keep the needles moving.
like this one, from sweet mary, that she left on the clean room post: "Your house seems so organized.
they make me smile every day.
she wears birkenstocks to fashion shows.
but then again, we looove roadtrips.
the best part of dinner was the irish soda bread- it was so so good, and it's really easy to make.
i love the comments i get from all of you.
corned beef is cheap meat, a head of cabbage is less than 50 cents, and i bet you have all the ingredients for the bread in your cupboard. you should make this meal tonight!
and you eat with your sunglasses on
i love that she's an expert knitter and yet chooses to create very simple pieces;
pps- our topic of convo for the night was this article from the wall street journal.
i was chuckling while i cooked thinking about how my irish grandparents always had a plaque on their wall with this prayer on it: "may you be in heaven a half hour before the devil knows your dead" ha!
she's amazing.