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Hi - I`m Richard, Director at broadband-expert.co.uk. Broadband Expert is a feature-rich, free-to-use consumer resource allowing consumers to check broadband availability, compare prices, read reviews, calculate monthly broadband usage and check their broadband speed. 

I was searching the web and came across lists-archives.org. We have a wealth of features and information on the site and are looking for a range of partners including sites relevant to laptops, computers, pc, gaming, technology, mobiles, 3G, web hosting, internet, telecommunications, reviews, utilities, mobile technology, wireless, web design and many technology themes . . . so I have an idea which I hope you will find useful.

We can have our editorial team research and hand write some unique content for you to add to a page on lists-archives.org. We will agree a subject with you that is relevant to both of our sites. The content will contain a single unobtrusive text link in it back to a relevant page on our site. You would benefit from some unique, relevant content to which the search engines seem to be attributing ever more value. We would probably obtain some long term benefit from the link to us -- which, as a relevant outbound link, would also be potentially helpful to you from a search engine perspective. We are not currently in the position of being able to exchange or return links so we thought this could be a good alternative.

There are of course absolutely no costs for you in us producing this content.

We have found that quite a few emails go missing -- plus I`m either out or in meetings much of the time and can take a while to reply to emails -- so we have created a simple and quick-to-use response page that provides detailed information and answers to questions on the various options and allows you to send us messages  . . and much more! You can access it here:-

Page: http://www.broadband-expert.co.uk/bbexpert/broadband-expert-link-partners.html
Your Access Code: 20090316112416UOSEC

If you feel you should not have received this email, I`m sorry - please just reply with REMOVE in the subject.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks and kind regards - Richard