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Re: [PATCH] Revert "usb: core: remove local_irq_save() around ->complete() handler"

On 2019-06-01 01:02:37 [+0200], Soeren Moch wrote:
> > Why not just fix that driver?  Wouldn't that be easier?
> >
> I suspect there are more drivers to fix. I only tested WIFI sticks so
> far, RTL8188 drivers also seem to suffer from this. I'm not sure how to
> fix all this properly, maybe Sebastian as original patch author can help
> here.

Suspecting isn't helping here.

> This patch is mostly for -stable, to get an acceptable solution quickly.
> It was really annoying to get such unstable WIFI connection over the
> last three kernel releases to my development board.  Since my internet
> service provider forcefully updated my router box 3 weeks ago, I
> unfortunately see the same symptoms on my primary internet access.
> That's even worse, I need to reset this router box every few days. I'm
> not sure, however, that this is caused by the same problem, but it feels
> like this.
> So can we please fix this regression quickly and workout a proper fix
> later? In the original patch there is no reason given, why this patch is
> necessary. With this revert I at least see a stable connection.

I will look into this. This patch got in in v4.20-rc1 and the final
kernel was released by the end of 2018. This is the first report I am
aware of over half year later…

> Thanks,
> Soeren