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[5.2-rc REGRESSION] Random gcc crash for 'make -j12' when low on memory


When compiling the kernel on v5.2-rc (both rc1 and rc2) with "make
-j12", the gcc will randomly crash with segfault, while on v5.1-rc7
everything is OK.

The crash only happens when the VM has only 1G ram, when given 4G ram it
no longer crash.
However according to dmesg, there is no OOM triggered.

Thus this looks like a regression.

The environment is:
VM hypervisor: KVM
vCPU: 8
vRAM: 1G (crash) 4G (OK)
Distro: Archlinux
Tried kernel: Upstream v5.1-rc7 (good), v5.2-rc1 (fail), v5.2-rc2(fail)

Host CPU: Ryzen 1700 (no gcc crash on host)

Is there something related to OOM changed?


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