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Re: [PATCH 1/2] cifs: remove unused status severity defines

On (03/14/19 01:54), Steve French wrote:
> Since this file (smb2status.h) is intended to track the official
> protocol documentation (albeit smb2status.h probably needs to be
> updated), in this case the protocol document MS-ERREF.  I would prefer
> to keep it closer to MS-ERREF and leave definitions in even if unused
> (if nothing else it helps some of us when debugging to recognize what
> these errors on the wire mean).  There is a real danger that we have
> run into in the past that in removing some protocol definitions
> (flags, etc.) from the code or forgetting to update our headers to
> match newer versions of the protocol specifications, that  with future
> code changes we can forget to handle flags (for example) or misparse
> responses due to not realizing that there are additional flags that
> need to be parsed.

OK, works for me.