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Re: [RFC] On the Current Troubles of Mainlining Loongson Platform Drivers

Hi Tom,

On Sat, Feb 09, 2019 at 06:11:33PM +0800, Tom Li wrote:
> > To address the particular quote you give from Dmitry Torokhov on the
> > yeeloong_hotkey driver - just because the driver as-is includes a bunch
> > of non-input related things doesn't mean that it should or has to. From
> > a look at the 2009 submission it seems to mix a bunch of policy into the
> > kernel which really ought to be elsewhere. Generally the input driver
> > reports that a key was pressed & something in userland decides what to
> > do with it, whereas this driver seems to attempt to bypass that & prod
> > at unrelated hardware all by itself.
> Sure, the hotkey driver has some problems in its current shape. I think
> the existing code makes some hotkeys on the keyboard behave like a hardware
> switch to order to implement rfkill hardblock, and also controls the video
> output switch. I think I need to investigate it further.
> I find reorganization of the current Yeeloong platform driver is relatively
> easy, since it only involves one machine, I'm already working on it.
> If future developers find it's difficult to support new machines, we can simply
> have more discussion, reorganize the existing hierarchy further, and make
> incremental changes.

Thanks for working on it, I look forward to seeing your patches :)