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[Breakage] Git v2.21.0-rc0 - t5403 (NonStop)

Hi All,

We have a few new breakages on the NonStop port in 2.21.0-rc0. The first is in t5403, as below:

/home/git/git/t/trash directory.t5403-post-checkout-hook/clone3/.git/hooks/post-checkout: line 2: $GIT_DIR/post-checkout.args: ambiguous redirect
not ok 8 - post-checkout hook is triggered by clone
#               mkdir -p templates/hooks &&
#               write_script templates/hooks/post-checkout <<-\EOF &&
#               echo "$@" >$GIT_DIR/post-checkout.args
#               EOF
#               git clone --template=templates . clone3 &&
#               test -f clone3/.git/post-checkout.args

The post-checkout hook is:
echo "$@" >$GIT_DIR/post-checkout.args

This looks like it is a "bash thing" and $GIT_DIR might have to be in quotes, and is not be specific to the platform. If I replace 

echo "$@" >$GIT_DIR/post-checkout.args


echo "$@" >"$GIT_DIR/post-checkout.args"

The test passes. I wonder I should provide this patch or whether the author would like to do so.