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Re: [PATCH] console: Replace #if 1 with a bool to ignore WARN_CONSOLE_UNLOCKED()

On (07/11/18 15:17), Steven Rostedt wrote:
> +bool ignore_console_lock_warning __read_mostly;
> +EXPORT_SYMBOL(ignore_console_lock_warning);

OK. So, to recap,
We made is_console_locked() EXPORT_SYMBOL recently [it's still in linux-next],
so people could use WARN_CONSOLE_UNLOCKED in more places; this made other
people unhappy, so now we add another EXPORT_SYMBOL to the picture, which will
disable those newly added WARN_CONSOLE_UNLOCKED and make other people happy

This makes me wonder - do we want to add more WARN_CONSOLE_UNLOCKED in the
first place? :)

Other than that, the patch looks OK to me I guess. I'm not super happy with
more printk EXPORT_SYMBOL-s, frankly speaking, I'm not entirely in love with
the "add a bool flag to suppress warn print outs which we added in the
previous patch" direction, but if you guys want/need it...
Probably I'm just dramatizing it, as usual ;)
The removal of "#if 1" is definitely nice.

Let's hear from Petr.