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Re: Why the mce reverts in 4.16-rt?

On 2018-07-10 20:56:24 [-0400], Steven Rostedt wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
Hi Steven,

> I'm looking at backporting patches from 4.16-rt and noticed that you
> have:
> Revert "x86: Convert mce timer to hrtimer"
> Revert "x86/mce: use swait queue for mce wakeups"
> With no explanation to why they were reverted. When did things change?
> Should this be 4.14-rt material?

from the announce email:
|    Changes since v4.16.8-rt2:
|      - Drop two MCE related patches. They are no longer required since the
|        timer wheel rework.

The timer wheel rework made it possible to have a raw_spin_lock_t in the
timer_list timer. The problem with MCE was that it enqueued a timer from
hardirq context which is now possible. So the patches are no longer
required. This revert does not fix a bug in v4.14 nor does it break

> Thanks,
> -- Steve