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[PATCH] PM / devfreq: Init user limits from OPP limits, not viceversa

Commit ab8f58ad72c4 ("PM / devfreq: Set min/max_freq when adding
the devfreq device") introduced the initialization of the user
limits min/max_freq from the lowest/highest available OPPs. Later
commit f1d981eaecf8 ("PM / devfreq: Use the available min/max
frequency") added scaling_min/max_freq, which actually represent
the frequencies of the lowest/highest available OPP. scaling_min/
max_freq are initialized with the values from min/max_freq, which
is totally correct in the context, but a bit awkward to read.

Swap the initialization and assign scaling_min/max_freq with the
OPP freqs and then the user limts min/max_freq with scaling_min/

Needless to say that this change is a NOP, intended to improve

Signed-off-by: Matthias Kaehlcke <mka@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Additional context: I'm considering to introduce the concept of
a devfreq policy, which would probably move min/max_freq inside
of a struct policy, this would make the initialization even
more awkward to read. If this moves forward I might also propose
to rename scaling_min/max_freq to something like min/max_opp_freq
to avoid confusion with the frequencies in the policy (cpufreq uses
scaling_min/max_freq for the sysfs attributes of the policy

 drivers/devfreq/devfreq.c | 12 ++++++------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/devfreq/devfreq.c b/drivers/devfreq/devfreq.c
index fe2af6aa88fc..0057ef5b0a98 100644
--- a/drivers/devfreq/devfreq.c
+++ b/drivers/devfreq/devfreq.c
@@ -604,21 +604,21 @@ struct devfreq *devfreq_add_device(struct device *dev,
-	devfreq->min_freq = find_available_min_freq(devfreq);
-	if (!devfreq->min_freq) {
+	devfreq->scaling_min_freq = find_available_min_freq(devfreq);
+	if (!devfreq->scaling_min_freq) {
 		err = -EINVAL;
 		goto err_dev;
-	devfreq->scaling_min_freq = devfreq->min_freq;
+	devfreq->min_freq = devfreq->scaling_min_freq;
-	devfreq->max_freq = find_available_max_freq(devfreq);
-	if (!devfreq->max_freq) {
+	devfreq->scaling_max_freq = find_available_max_freq(devfreq);
+	if (!devfreq->scaling_max_freq) {
 		err = -EINVAL;
 		goto err_dev;
-	devfreq->scaling_max_freq = devfreq->max_freq;
+	devfreq->max_freq = devfreq->scaling_max_freq;
 	dev_set_name(&devfreq->dev, "devfreq%d",