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[PATCH v6 0/3] pcal6524 extensions and fixes for pca953x driver

* added proper attribution to the formula used for fixing the
  pcal6524 register address (changes commit message only)
* add back missing first patch from V2 that defines the
  PCA_LATCH_INT constant
* removed patches already merged

2018-04-28 18:33:42: V5:
* fix wrong split up between patches 1/7 and 2/7.

2018-04-26 19:35:07: V4:
* introduced PCA_LATCH_INT constant to make of_table more
  readable (suggested by Andy Shevchenko)
* converted all register constants to hex in a separate
  patch (suggested by Andy Shevchenko)
* separated additional pcal953x and pcal6524 register
  definitions into separate patches (suggested by Andy Shevchenko)
* made special pcal6524 address adjustment more readable
  (suggested by Andy Shevchenko)
* moved gpio-controller and interrupt-controller to the
  "required" section (reviewed by Rob Herring)

2018-04-10 18:07:07: V3:
* add Reported-by: and Reviewed-by:
* fix wording for bindings description and example
* convert all register offsets to hex
* omit the LEVEL-IRQ RFC/hack commit

2018-04-04 21:00:27: V2:
* added PCA_PCAL flags if matched through of-table
* fix address calculation for extended PCAL6524 registers
* hack to map LEVEL_LOW to EDGE_FALLING to be able to
  test in combination with ts3a227e driver
* improve description of bindings for optional vcc-supply
  and interrupt-controller;

2018-03-10 09:32:53: no initial description

H. Nikolaus Schaller (3):
  gpio: pca953x: set the PCA_PCAL flag also when matching by DT
  gpio: pca953x: define masks for addressing common and extended
  gpio: pca953x: fix address calculation for pcal6524

 drivers/gpio/gpio-pca953x.c | 17 +++++++++++++----
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)