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Re: [PATCH 17/17] perf annotate: Handle variables in 'sub', 'or' and many other instructions

> What do I miss? Or where is it that I'm misinterpreting the calculations
> that objdump did in its output?

The calculations are right, but these are still two different address modes.
You cannot just turn one silently into the other.

I think it would be ok to use the syntax in the assembler

symbol(%rip)  with no # ...

> About something mildly related: what do you think about this:
> http://ref.x86asm.net/, there is a xml file there[1] I'm thinking about
> using, if available on the developer's HOME or some other standard place,
> to provide help about the instructions :-)

I don't know how well it's going to be maintained. x86 changes a lot
and I've seen a lot of disassembler libraries etc. go stale as the
owner cannot keep up.

The only semi official maintained descriptions are the XED tables (but those
don't have descriptions) or the PDFs from Intel/AMD.
I suppose could have some hack that talks to a PDF reader and automatically
downloads/searches the PDF.

If unofficial is ok I would rather port some functionality
from https://github.com/HJLebbink/asm-dude
which has a lot of cool stuff.