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Query:Regarding percpu_counter debug object destroy

Hi ,

I have checked below code and it seems we are calling debug_object_free twice, ideally we should deactivate and later we
have to destroy.

1st call -> percpu_counter_destroy->debug_percpu_counter_deactivate -> debug_object_free
2nd call ->

static bool percpu_counter_fixup_free(void *addr, enum debug_obj_state state)
        struct percpu_counter *fbc = addr;

        switch (state) {
                percpu_counter_destroy(fbc);  -> first call
                debug_object_free(fbc, &percpu_counter_debug_descr); 2nd call
                return true;
                return false;

We are seeing one issue, where one list contain garbage data in obj_hash, just before element of that is percpu_counter but
still not sure as it is very difficult to reproduce.

Can some one please review above code or can we remove one instance of debug_object_free from above code.


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