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Re: [PATCH -next 0/3] sysvipc: introduce STAT_ALL commands

On Tue, 13 Feb 2018, Eric W. Biederman wrote:

Davidlohr Bueso <dave@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


The following patches adds the discussed[1] new command for shm
as well as for sems and msq as they are subject to the same discrepancies
for ipc object permission checks between the syscall and via procfs.
These new commands are justified in that (1) we are stuck with this
semantics as changing syscall and procfs can break userland; and (2) some
users can benefit from performance (for large amounts of shm segments,
for example) from not having to parse the procfs interface.

Once (if) merged, I will submit the necesary manpage updates. But I'm
thinking something like:

I am just going to kibitz for a moment.

Nice word that, kibitz.

Could we name this _STAT_ANY or _STAT_NOPERM instead of _STAT_ALL.

I keep thinking a name with _ALL in it should affect all ipc opbjects of
a given type, not simply work any ipc object regardless of permissions.

Yeah, and _ALL similarly makes the difference of IPC_STAT and SHM_STAT wrt
the passed shmid that more adhoc.

I'm going to go with _STAT_ANY.