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[RFC v2 0/5] vfio/type1: Add support for valid iova list management

This series introduces an iova list associated with a vfio 
iommu. The list is kept updated taking care of iommu apertures,
and reserved regions. Also this series adds checks for any conflict
with existing dma mappings whenever a new device group is attached to
the domain.

User-space can retrieve valid iova ranges using VFIO_IOMMU_GET_INFO
ioctl capability chains. Any dma map request outside the valid iova
range will be rejected.

RFC v1 --> v2
 Addressed comments from Alex:
-Introduced IOVA list management and added checks for conflicts with 
 existing dma map entries during attach/detach.

Shameer Kolothum (5):
  vfio/type1: Introduce iova list and add iommu aperture validity check
  vfio/type1: Check reserve region conflict and update iova list
  vfio/type1: check dma map request is within a valid iova range
  vfio/type1: Add IOVA range capability support
  vfio/type1: remove duplicate retrieval of reserved regions.

 drivers/vfio/vfio_iommu_type1.c | 466 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 include/uapi/linux/vfio.h       |  23 ++
 2 files changed, 478 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)