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Re: Prototype patch for Linux-kernel memory model

On Mon, 13 Nov 2017, Paul E. McKenney wrote:

> Hello!
> Please see below for the git commit corresponding to a prototype
> patch for the Linux-kernel memory model.  This addresses the feedback
> we got at Linux Plumbers Conference:
> 1.	There is a Documentation/recipes.txt file giving known-good
> 	useful examples, along with corresponding litmus tests.
> 2.	There is a Documentation/explanation.txt file giving an
> 	overview of the memory model and its workings.
> 3.	There is a Documentation/references.txt file giving some
> 	background reading.
> I believe that we have something that will be extremely useful and
> valuable to novices and experts alike.
> Please note that this version of the memory model does not yet reflect
> the changes that make DEC Alpha no longer be a special case because
> those changes have not yet hit mainline.  The model will be updated
> once this happens.
> Thoughts?

In references.txt, should we add URLs to non-paywalled PDFs?  Or should
we assume that our readers are capable of using Google to find these 
things on their own?

There are a few places where some comments should be resolved/removed
before submission:

	Documentation/references.txt line 98:
	Uncategorized stuff (any of this really needed?)

	litmus-tests/README line 92:
	[ Shouldn't we have one with smp_wmb() in the process with both
	  writes, and smp_mb() in the other process. ]

In the files defining the memory model, we should replace the GPL
boilerplate with SPDX headers.