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[GIT PULL] dlm updates for 4.15

Hi Linus,

Please pull dlm updates from tag:

git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/teigland/linux-dlm.git dlm-4.15

This set focuses, as usual, on fixes to the comms layer.
New testing of the dlm with ocfs2 uncovered a number of
bugs in the TCP connection handling during recovery,
starting, and stopping.


Bob Peterson (3):
      DLM: Eliminate CF_CONNECT_PENDING flag
      DLM: Eliminate CF_WRITE_PENDING flag
      DLM: Fix saving of NULL callbacks

David Teigland (1):
      dlm: remove dlm_send_rcom_lookup_dump

Guoqing Jiang (1):
      dlm: recheck kthread_should_stop() before schedule()

tsutomu.owa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (15):
      DLM: fix remove save_cb argument from add_sock()
      DLM: fix double list_del()
      DLM: fix race condition between dlm_send and dlm_recv
      DLM: fix to use sock_mutex correctly in xxx_accept_from_sock
      DLM: retry rcom when dlm_wait_function is timed out.
      DLM: close othercon at send/receive error
      DLM: fix race condition between dlm_recoverd_stop and dlm_recoverd
      DLM: Reanimate CF_WRITE_PENDING flag
      DLM: use CF_CLOSE flag to stop dlm_send correctly
      DLM: fix conversion deadlock when DLM_LKF_NODLCKWT flag is set
      DLM: fix memory leak in tcp_accept_from_sock()
      DLM: fix overflow dlm_cb_seq
      DLM: fix to use sk_callback_lock correctly
      DLM: fix to reschedule rwork
      DLM: fix NULL pointer dereference in send_to_sock()

 fs/dlm/ast.c      |   2 +
 fs/dlm/lock.c     |  43 ++++++-----
 fs/dlm/lowcomms.c | 218 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------------
 fs/dlm/rcom.c     |  26 ++-----
 fs/dlm/rcom.h     |   1 -
 fs/dlm/recover.c  |   4 +
 fs/dlm/recoverd.c |  16 +++-
 7 files changed, 186 insertions(+), 124 deletions(-)