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[ANNOUNCE] iproute2 4.14.1

Release of iproute2 for Linux 4.14

Update to iproute2 utility to support new features in Linux 4.14.
This release features JSON output for many commands and greater
support of offloading to hardware. As well as many fixes.

Version 4.14.1 is because of late patch that showed up for building
on older systems.



Report problems (or enhancements) to the netdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.

Alexander Alemayhu (4):
      man: add examples to ip.8
      man: fix man page warnings
      tc: bpf: add ppc64 and sparc64 to list of archs with eBPF support
      examples/bpf: update list of examples

Alexander Aring (5):
      tc: m_ife: allow ife type to zero
      tc: m_ife: print IEEE ethertype format
      tc: m_ife: report about kernels default type
      man: tc-ife: add default type note
      tc: m_ife: fix match tcindex parsing

Alexander Heinlein (1):
      ip/xfrm: Fix deleteall when having many policies installed

Alexey Kodanev (1):
      fix typo in ip-xfrm man page, rmd610 -> rmd160

Amir Vadai (14):
      libnetlink: Introduce rta_getattr_be*()
      tc/cls_flower: Classify packet in ip tunnels
      tc/act_tunnel: Introduce ip tunnel action
      tc/pedit: Fix a typo in pedit usage message
      tc/pedit: Extend pedit to specify offset relative to mac/transport headers
      tc/pedit: Introduce 'add' operation
      tc/pedit: p_ip: introduce editing ttl header
      tc/pedit: Support fields bigger than 32 bits
      tc/pedit: p_eth: ETH header editor
      tc/pedit: p_tcp: introduce pedit tcp support
      pedit: Fix a typo in warning
      pedit: Do not allow using retain for too big fields
      pedit: Check for extended capability in protocol parser
      pedit: Introduce ipv6 support

Andreas Henriksson (1):
      ss: fix help/man TCP-STATE description for listening

Arkadi Sharshevsky (6):
      devlink: Change netlink attribute validation
      devlink: Add support for pipeline debug (dpipe)
      bridge: Distinguish between externally learned vs offloaded FDBs
      devlink: Make match/action parsing more flexible
      devlink: Add support for special format protocol headers
      devlink: Add support for protocol IPv4/IPv6/Ethernet special formats

Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen (2):
      testsuite: refactor kernel config search
      testsuite: search for kernel config in /boot

Baruch Siach (3):
      tc: add missing limits.h header
      ip: include libc headers first
      lib: fix multiple strlcpy definition

Benjamin LaHaise (1):
      f_flower: don't set TCA_FLOWER_KEY_ETH_TYPE for "protocol all"

Boris Pismenny (1):
      ip xfrm: Add xfrm state crypto offload

Casey Callendrello (1):
      netns: make /var/run/netns bind-mount recursive

Craig Gallek (2):
      gre6: fix copy/paste bugs in GREv6 attribute manipulation
      iplink: Expose IFLA_*_FWMARK attributes for supported link types

Cyrill Gorcunov (2):
      libnetlink: Add test for error code returned from netlink reply
      ss: Add inet raw sockets information gathering via netlink diag interface

Daniel Borkmann (19):
      bpf: make tc's bpf loader generic and move into lib
      bpf: check for owner_prog_type and notify users when differ
      bpf: add initial support for attaching xdp progs
      {f,m}_bpf: dump tag over insns
      bpf: test for valid type in bpf_get_work_dir
      bpf: add support for generic xdp
      bpf: update printing of generic xdp mode
      bpf: dump error to the user when retrieving pinned prog fails
      bpf: indicate lderr when bpf_apply_relo_data fails
      bpf: remove obsolete samples
      bpf: support loading map in map from obj
      bpf: dump id/jited info for cls/act programs
      bpf: improve error reporting around tail calls
      bpf: fix mnt path when from env
      bpf: unbreak libelf linkage for bpf obj loader
      bpf: minor cleanups for bpf_trace_pipe
      bpf: consolidate dumps to use bpf_dump_prog_info
      json: move json printer to common library
      bpf: properly output json for xdp

David Ahern (41):
      Makefile: really suppress printing of directories
      lib bpf: Add support for BPF_PROG_ATTACH and BPF_PROG_DETACH
      bpf: export bpf_prog_load
      bpf: Add BPF_ macros
      move cmd_exec to lib utils
      Add filesystem APIs to lib
      change name_is_vrf to return index
      libnetlink: Add variant of rtnl_talk that does not display RTNETLINK answers error
      Introduce ip vrf command
      Fix compile warning in get_addr_1
      ip vrf: Move kernel config hint to prog_load failure
      ip vrf: Refactor ipvrf_identify
      ip vrf: Fix reset to default VRF
      ip netns: Reset vrf to default VRF on namespace switch
      ip vrf: Fix run-on error message on mkdir failure
      ip vrf: Improve cgroup2 error messages
      ip vrf: Improve bpf error messages
      Add support for rt_protos.d
      rttable: Fix invalid range checking when table id is converted to u32
      ip route: error out on multiple via without nexthop keyword
      ip route: Make name of protocol 0 consistent
      ip vrf: Handle vrf in a cgroup hierarchy
      ip netns: refactor netns_identify
      ip vrf: Handle VRF nesting in namespace
      ip vrf: Detect invalid vrf name in pids command
      ip: Add support for MPLS netconf
      ip route: Add missing space between nexthop and via for mpls multipath routes
      netlink: Add flag to suppress print of nlmsg error
      ip netconf: Show all address families by default in dumps
      ip netconf: show all families on dev request
      ip vrf: Add command name next to pid
      ip vrf: Add command name next to pid
      ip: mpls: fix printing of mpls labels
      ip: add support for more MPLS labels
      netlink: Change rtnl_dump_done to always show error
      ip address: Export ip_linkaddr_list
      ip address: Move filter struct to ip_common.h
      ip address: Change print_linkinfo_brief to take filter as an input
      ip vrf: Add show command
      lib: Dump ext-ack string by default
      libnetlink: Fix extack attribute parsing

David Forster (1):
      ip6tunnel: Align ipv6 tunnel key display with ipv4

David Lebrun (9):
      ip: add ip sr command to control SR-IPv6 internal structures
      iproute: add support for SR-IPv6 lwtunnel encapsulation
      man: add documentation for IPv6 SR commands
      iproute: fix compilation issue with older glibc
      iproute: add helper functions for SRH processing
      iproute: add support for SRv6 local segment processing
      man: add documentation for seg6local lwt
      iproute: add support for seg6 l2encap mode
      man: add documentation for seg6 l2encap mode

David Michael (1):
      tc: make tc linking depend on libtc.a

Davide Caratti (2):
      tc: m_csum: add support for SCTP checksum
      tc: fix typo in tc-tcindex man page

Donald Sharp (1):
      ip: mroute: Add table output to show command

Eli Cohen (1):
      iplink: Update usage in help message

Eric Dumazet (2):
      ss: print tcpi_rcv_mss and tcpi_advmss
      tc: fq: support low_rate_threshold attribute

Girish Moodalbail (2):
      vxlan: Add support for modifying vxlan device attributes
      geneve: support for modifying geneve device

Hadar Hen Zion (4):
      tc/cls_flower: Add dest UDP port to tunnel params
      tc/m_tunnel_key: Add dest UDP port to tunnel key action
      tc/cls_flower: Add to the usage encapsulation dest UDP port
      tc/m_tunnel_key: Add to the usage encapsulation dest UDP port

Hangbin Liu (10):
      iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_FDB_FLUSH
      iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_VLAN_STATS_ENABLED
      iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_MCAST_STATS_ENABLED
      iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_MCAST_IGMP_VERSION
      iplink: bridge: add support for IFLA_BR_MCAST_MLD_VERSION
      iplink: bridge_slave: add support for IFLA_BRPORT_FLUSH
      man: ip-link.8: Document bridge_slave fdb_flush option
      man: ip-link.8: Document bridge_slave fdb_flush option
      ip neigh: allow flush FAILED neighbour entry
      utils: return default family when rtm_family is not RTNL_FAMILY_IPMR/IP6MR

Ido Schimmel (1):
      iproute: Display offload indication per-nexthop

Ivan Delalande (2):
      utils: add print_escape_buf to format and print arbitrary bytes
      ss: print MD5 signature keys configured on TCP sockets

Ivan Vecera (2):
      lib: make resolve_hosts variable common
      devlink: add batch command support

Jakub Kicinski (3):
      bpf: print xdp offloaded mode
      bpf: add xdpdrv for requesting XDP driver mode
      bpf: allow requesting XDP HW offload

Jakub Sitnicki (1):
      iproute: Remove useless check for nexthop keyword when setting RTA_OIF

Jamal Hadi Salim (5):
      utils: make hex2mem available to all users
      actions: Add support for user cookies
      tc actions: Improved batching and time filtered dumping
      actions: update the man page to describe the "since" time filter
      tc/actions: introduce support for jump action

Jiri Benc (3):
      Revert "man pages: add man page for skbmod action"
      tc: m_tunnel_key: reformat the usage text
      tc: m_tunnel_key: add csum/nocsum option

Jiri Kosina (2):
      iproute2: tc: introduce build dependency on libnetlink
      iproute2: add support for invisible qdisc dumping

Jiri Pirko (8):
      devlink: use DEVLINK_CMD_ESWITCH_* instead of DEVLINK_CMD_ESWITCH_MODE_*
      tc_filter: add support for chain index
      tc: actions: add helpers to parse and print control actions
      tc/actions: introduce support for goto chain action
      tc: flower: add support for tcp flags
      tc: gact: fix control action parsing
      tc: add support for TRAP action
      tc: don't print error message on miss when parsing action with default

Julien Fortin (31):
      ip: vfinfo: remove code duplication for IFLA_VF_RSS_QUERY_EN
      color: add new COLOR_NONE and disable_color function
      ip: add new command line argument -json (mutually exclusive with -color)
      json_writer: add new json handlers (null, float with format, lluint, hu)
      ip: ip_print: add new API to print JSON or regular format output
      ip: ipaddress.c: add support for json output
      ip: iplink.c: open/close json obj for ip -brief -json link show dev DEV
      ip: iplink_bond.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_bond_slave.c: add json output support (info_slave_data)
      ip: iplink_hsr.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_bridge.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_bridge_slave.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_can.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_geneve.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_ipoib.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_ipvlan.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_vrf.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_vxlan.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_xdp.c: add json output support
      ip: ipmacsec.c: add json output support
      ip: link_gre.c: add json output support
      ip: link_gre6.c: add json output support
      ip: link_ip6tnl.c: add json output support
      ip: link_iptnl.c: add json output support
      ip: link_vti.c: add json output support
      ip: link_vti6.c: add json output support
      ip: link_macvlan.c: add json output support
      ip: iplink_vlan.c: add json output support
      ip: ipaddress: fix missing space after prefixlen
      lib: json_print: rework 'new_json_obj' drop FILE* argument
      lib: json_print: rework 'new_json_obj' drop FILE* argument

Khem Raj (1):
      tc: include stdint.h explicitly for UINT16_MAX

Krister Johansen (3):
      iptunnel: document mode parameter for sit tunnels
      iptunnel: add support for mpls/ip to sit tunnels
      iptunnel: add support for mpls/ip to ipip tunnels

Leon Romanovsky (10):
      devlink: Call dl_free in early exit case
      utils: Move BIT macro to common header
      rdma: Add basic infrastructure for RDMA tool
      rdma: Add dev object
      rdma: Add link object
      rdma: Add json and pretty outputs
      rdma: Implement json output for dev object
      rdma: Add json output to link object
      rdma: Add initial manual for the tool
      ip: Fix compilation break on old systems

Lorenzo Colitti (2):
      ip: support UID range routing.
      iproute: build more easily on Android

Lucas Bates (2):
      man page: add page for skbmod action
      Add new man page for tc actions.

Lukas Braun (1):
      man: ip-route.8: Mention that lower metric means higher priority

Martin KaFai Lau (1):
      bpf: Add support for IFLA_XDP_PROG_ID

Matteo Croce (3):
      tc: fix typo in manpage
      netns: avoid directory traversal
      netns: more input validation

Michal Kubecek (4):
      iplink: check for message truncation in iplink_get()
      iplink: double the buffer size also in iplink_get()
      ip xfrm: use correct key length for netlink message
      ip maddr: fix filtering by device

Michal Kubeček (1):
      routel: fix infinite loop in line parser

Neal Cardwell (1):
      ss: print new tcp_info fields: delivery_rate and app_limited

Nicolas Dichtel (1):
      link_gre6: really support encaplimit option

Nikhil Gajendrakumar (1):
      bridge: this patch adds json support for bridge mdb show

Nikolay Aleksandrov (5):
      bridge: fdb: add state filter support
      ipmroute: add support for RTNH_F_UNRESOLVED
      iplink: add support for xstats subcommand
      iplink: bridge: add support for displaying xstats
      iplink: bridge_slave: add support for displaying xstats

Nogah Frankel (4):
      ifstat: Includes reorder
      ifstat: Add extended statistics to ifstat
      ifstat: Add "sw only" extended statistics to ifstat
      ifstat: Add xstat to ifstat man page

Oliver Hartkopp (1):
      ip: link add vxcan support

Or Gerlitz (4):
      tc: matchall: Print skip flags when dumping a filter
      tc/pedit: p_udp: introduce pedit udp support
      tc: Reflect HW offload status
      tc: flower: add support for matching on ip tos and ttl

Paul Blakey (2):
      tc: flower: support matching flags
      tc: flower: Refactor matching flags to be more user friendly

Petr Vorel (8):
      ip: fix igmp parsing when iface is long
      color: use "light" colors for dark background
      tests: Remove bashisms (s/source/.)
      tests: Revert back /bin/sh in shebang
      color: Fix ip segfault when using --color switch
      color: Fix another ip segfault when using --color switch
      color: Cleanup code to remove "magic" offset + 7
      color: Rename enum

Phil Sutter (100):
      ss: Mark fall through in arg parsing switch()
      ss: Drop empty lines in UDP output
      ss: Add missing tab when printing UNIX details
      ss: Use sockstat->type in all socket types
      ss: introduce proc_ctx_print()
      ss: Drop list traversal from unix_stats_print()
      ss: Eliminate unix_use_proc()
      ss: Turn generic_proc_open() wrappers into macros
      ss: Make tmr_name local to tcp_timer_print()
      ss: Make user_ent_hash_build_init local to user_ent_hash_build()
      ss: Make some variables function-local
      ss: Make slabstat_ids local to get_slabstat()
      ss: Get rid of useless goto in handle_follow_request()
      ss: Get rid of single-fielded struct snmpstat
      ss: Make unix_state_map local to unix_show()
      ss: Make sstate_name local to sock_state_print()
      ss: Make sstate_namel local to scan_state()
      ss: unix_show: No need to initialize members of calloc'ed structs
      tc: m_xt: Fix segfault with iptables-1.6.0
      tc: m_xt: Drop needless parentheses from #if checks
      man: tc-csum.8: Fix example
      man: ip-route.8: Fix 'expires' indenting
      testsuite: Generate nlmsg blob at runtime
      testsuite: Search kernel config in modules dir also
      man: ss.8: Add missing protocols to description of -A
      ip: link: bond: Fix whitespace in help text
      ip: link: macvlan: Add newline to help output
      ip: link: Unify link type help functions a bit
      ip: link: Add missing link type help texts
      man: ip-link: Specify min/max values for bridge slave priority and cost
      man: ip-rule.8: Further clarify how to interpret priority value
      man: ip.8: Document -brief flag
      tc: m_xt: Prevent a segfault in libipt
      man: Collect names of man pages automatically
      bpf: Make bytecode-file reading a little more robust
      Really fix get_addr() and get_prefix() error messages
      tc-simple: Fix documentation
      examples: Some shell fixes to cbq.init
      ifcfg: Quote left-hand side of [ ] expression
      tipc/node: Fix socket fd check in cmd_node_get_addr()
      iproute_lwtunnel: Argument to strerror must be positive
      iproute_lwtunnel: csum_mode value checking was ineffective
      ss: Don't leak fd in tcp_show_netlink_file()
      tc/em_ipset: Don't leak sockfd on error path
      ipvrf: Fix error path of vrf_switch()
      ifstat: Fix memleak in error case
      ifstat: Fix memleak in dump_kern_db() for json output
      ss: Fix potential memleak in unix_stats_print()
      tipc/bearer: Fix resource leak in error path
      devlink: No need for this self-assignment
      ipntable: No need to check and assign to parms_rta
      iproute: Fix for missing 'Oifs:' display
      lib/rt_names: Drop dead code in rtnl_rttable_n2a()
      ss: Skip useless check in parse_hostcond()
      ss: Drop useless assignment
      tc/m_gact: Drop dead code
      ipaddress: Avoid accessing uninitialized variable lcl
      iplink_can: Prevent overstepping array bounds
      ipmaddr: Avoid accessing uninitialized data
      ss: Use C99 initializer in netlink_show_one()
      netem/maketable: Check return value of fstat()
      tc/q_multiq: Don't pass garbage in TCA_OPTIONS
      iproute: Check mark value input
      iplink_vrf: Complain if main table is not found
      devlink: Check return code of strslashrsplit()
      lib/bpf: Don't leak fp in bpf_find_mntpt()
      ifstat, nstat: Check fdopen() return value
      tc/q_netem: Don't dereference possibly NULL pointer
      tc/tc_filter: Make sure filter name is not empty
      tipc/bearer: Prevent NULL pointer dereference
      ipntable: Avoid memory allocation for filter.name
      lib/fs: Fix format string in find_fs_mount()
      lib/inet_proto: Review inet_proto_{a2n,n2a}()
      lnstat_util: Simplify alloc_and_open() a bit
      tc/m_xt: Fix for potential string buffer overflows
      lib/ll_map: Choose size of new cache items at run-time
      ss: Make struct tcpstat fields 'timer' and 'timeout' unsigned
      ss: Make sure scanned index value to unix_state_map is sane
      netem/maketable: Check return value of fscanf()
      lib/bpf: Check return value of write()
      lib/fs: Fix and simplify make_path()
      lib/libnetlink: Don't pass NULL parameter to memcpy()
      ss: Fix for added diag support check
      link_gre6: Fix for changing tclass/flowlabel
      link_gre6: Print the tunnel's tclass setting
      utils: Implement strlcpy() and strlcat()
      Convert the obvious cases to strlcpy()
      Convert harmful calls to strncpy() to strlcpy()
      ipxfrm: Replace STRBUF_CAT macro with strlcat()
      tc_util: No need to terminate an snprintf'ed buffer
      lnstat_util: Make sure buffer is NUL-terminated
      lib/bpf: Fix bytecode-file parsing
      utils: strlcpy() and strlcat() don't clobber dst
      ipaddress: Fix segfault in 'addr showdump'
      ip-route: Fix for listing routes with RTAX_LOCK attribute
      ip{6, }tunnel: Avoid copying user-supplied interface name around
      tc: flower: No need to cache indev arg
      Check user supplied interface name lengths
      ss: Distinguish between IPv4 and IPv6 wildcard sockets
      ss: Detect IPPROTO_ICMPV6 sockets

Philip Prindeville (1):
      iproute2: add support for GRE ignore-df knob

Ralf Baechle (1):
      ip: HSR: Fix cut and paste error

Remigiusz Kołłątaj (1):
      ip: add handling for new CAN netlink interface

Robert Shearman (4):
      iplink: add support for afstats subcommand
      man: Fix formatting of vrf parameter of ip-link show command
      iproute: Add support for ttl-propagation attribute
      iproute: Add support for MPLS LWT ttl attribute

Roi Dayan (10):
      devlink: Add usage help for eswitch subcommand
      devlink: Add option to set and show eswitch inline mode
      tc: flower: Fix typo and style in flower man page
      tc: tunnel_key: Add tc-tunnel_key man page to Makefile
      tc: flower: Fix flower output for src and dst ports
      tc: flower: Add missing err check when parsing flower options
      tc: flower: Fix incorrect error msg about eth type
      tc: flower: Fix parsing ip address
      devlink: Add json and pretty options to help and man
      devlink: Add option to set and show eswitch encapsulation support

Roman Mashak (16):
      tc: pass correct conversion specifier to print 'unsigned int' action index.
      tc: fixed man page fonts for keywords and variable values
      tc: updated man page to reflect filter-id use in filter GET command.
      tc: distinguish Add/Replace action operations.
      tc: print skbedit action when dumping actions.
      tc: fix Makefile to build skbmod
      tc: fixed typo in usage text.
      tc: updated tc-u32 man page to reflect skip_sw and skip_hw parameters.
      tc: updated ife man page.
      ss: initialize 'fackets' member of tcpstat structure
      bridge: isolate vlans parsing code in a separate API
      bridge: dump vlan table information for link
      bridge: request vlans along with link information
      ip: added missing newline in man page
      ip netns: use strtol() instead of atoi()
      tc: distinguish Add/Replace qdisc operations

Roopa Prabhu (2):
      ip: extend route get to return matching fib route
      iproute: extend route get for mpls routes

Sabrina Dubroca (1):
      man: ip-link.8: document bridge options

Shmulik Ladkani (1):
      tc: m_mirred: Add support for ingress redirect/mirror

Simon Horman (20):
      tc: flower: Support matching on SCTP ports
      tc: flower: remove references to eth_type in manpage
      tc: flower: document SCTP ip_proto
      tc: flower: correct name of ip_proto parameter to flower_parse_port()
      tc: flower: make use of flower_port_attr_type() safe and silent
      tc: flower: introduce enum flower_endpoint
      tc: flower: support matching on ICMP type and code
      tc: flower: document that *_ip parameters take a PREFIX as an argument.
      tc: flower: Allow *_mac options to accept a mask
      tc: flower: document that *_ip parameters take a PREFIX as an argument.
      tc: flower: Allow *_mac options to accept a mask
      tc: flower: Update dest UDP port documentation
      tc: ife: correct spelling of prio in example
      tc: flower: Support matching ARP
      tc: flower: use correct type when calling flower_icmp_attr_type
      tc: flower: Update documentation to indicate ARP takes IPv4 prefixes
      tc: flower: provide generic masked u8 parser helper
      tc: flower: provide generic masked u8 print helper
      tc: flower: support masked ICMP code and type match
      tc actions: store and dump correct length of user cookies

Stefano Brivio (3):
      ss: Remove useless width specifier in process context print
      ss: Streamline process context printing in netlink_show_one()
      ss: Fix width calculations when Netid or State columns are missing

Stephen Hemminger (115):
      update kernel headers to 4.9-net-next
      update net-next headers
      tc: flower checkpatch cleanups
      Update kernel headers for XDP and tcp_info
      update kernel headers from net-next
      update kernel headers from net-next
      update to net-next headers (pre 4.10 rc)
      lwtunnel: style cleanup
      libnetlink: break up dump function
      utils: cleanup style
      ipvrf: cleanup style issues
      configure: fix elftest when warnings enabled
      update kernel headers
      Revert "tc: flower: document that *_ip parameters take a PREFIX as an argument."
      Revert "tc: flower: Allow *_mac options to accept a mask"
      minor kernel header update
      whitespace cleanup
      kernel headers update
      add more uapi header files
      include: remove unused header
      update kernel headers (from 4.10-rc4)
      update kernel headers from 4.10 net-next
      update kernel headers from net-next
      tcp: header file update
      update headers from bridge tunnel metadata
      tc: add missing sample file
      update headers from net-next
      update headers from 4.10-rc8
      utils: hex2mem get rid of unnecessary goto
      add missing iplink_xstats.c
      update headers from net-next
      Update headers based on 4.11 merge window
      netlink route attribute cleanup
      xfrm: remove unnecessary casts
      tc: use rta_getattr_u32
      bpf: remove unnecessary cast
      pie: remove always false condition
      update headers from 4.11-rc2
      update kernel headers from net-next
      update headers from net-next
      update headers from 4.11-rc3
      update headers from net-next (post 4.11-rc3)
      update kernel headers from net-next
      netem: fix out of bounds access in maketable
      Update kernel headers from 4.11 net-next
      add seg6.h kernel headers
      update kernel headers from net-next
      remove unused header file sysctl.h
      iplink: whitespace cleanup
      pedit: fix whitespace
      update headers to 4.11 net-next
      update kernel headers during 4.12 merge window
      update headers from 4.12-rc2
      include: remove no longer used iptables_common.h
      update to current net-next headers
      update headers to get changes for TCA_FLOWER
      update headers to get IFLA_EVENT
      updated headers from net-next
      update headers from net-next (bpf and tc)
      more bpf header updates
      xfrm: get #define's from linux includes
      update headers to get TCA_TUNNEL_CSUM
      update kernel headers from net-next
      update kernel headers from net-next
      update headers to 4.13-rc1
      remove duplicated #include's
      Update headers from net-next
      ip: change flag names to an array
      update headers from 4.13-rc4
      tc: fix m_simple usage
      update headers from 4.13 net-next
      iproute: Add support for extended ack to rtnl_talk
      ss: enclose IPv6 address in brackets
      lib: fix extended ack with and without libmnl
      lib: need to pass LIBMNL flag
      include: update headers from net-next
      tc, ip: more Makefile updates for LIBMNL
      vti6: fix local/remote any addr handling
      change how Config is used in Makefile's
      vti: print keys in hex not dotted notation
      more BPF headers update
      seg6: add include/linux/seg6_local.h
      include: add pfkeyv2.h drop ipv6.h
      update kernel headers from net-next
      config: put CFLAGS/LDLIBS in config.mk
      add ERSPAN headers
      rdma: fix duplicate initialization in port_names
      libnetlink: drop unused parameter to rtnl_dump_done
      bpf: drop unused parameter to bpf_report_map_in_map
      tc: use named initializer for default mqprio options
      devlink: header update
      update headers from net-next
      update headers from 4.14 merge
      BPF: update headers from 4.14-rc1
      doc: remove obsolete ip-tunnels documentation
      doc: remove outdated ss documentation
      doc: remove outdated arpd documentation
      doc: remove outdated nstat/rtstat documentation
      ignore generated Config file
      doc: remove outdated tc-filters documentation
      doc: remove outdated IPv6 flow label document
      doc: drop old ip command documentation
      tipc: don't need custom CFLAGS
      rdma: move headers to uapi
      netem: fix code indentation
      bridge: checkpatch related cleanups
      Update kernel headers based on 4.14-rc7
      update kernel headers
      utils: remove duplicate include of ctype.h

Thomas Egerer (3):
      xfrm_policy: Add filter option for socket policies
      xfrm_policy: Do not attempt to deleteall a socket policy
      xfrm_{state, policy}: Allow to deleteall polices/states with marks

Thomas Graf (2):
      bpf: Fix number of retries when growing log buffer
      lwt: BPF support for LWT

Thomas Haller (1):
      man: fix documentation for range of route table ID

Timothy Redaelli (1):
      ip-route: Prevent some other double spaces in output

Vincent Bernat (1):
      vxlan: use preferred address family when neither group or remote is specified

Vlad Yasevich (1):
      ip: Add IFLA_EVENT output to ip monitor

William Tu (1):
      gre: add support for ERSPAN tunnel

Yotam Gigi (9):
      tc: man: matchall: Fix example indentation
      tc: Add support for the sample tc action
      tc: man: Add man entry for the tc-sample action
      tc: man: matchall: Update examples to include sample
      tc: bash-completion: Add the _from variant to _tc_one* funcs
      tc: bash-completion: Prepare action autocomplete to support several actions
      tc: bash-completion: Make the *_KIND variables global
      tc: bash-completion: Add support for filter actions
      tc: bash-completion: Add support for matchall

Yuchung Cheng (1):
      ss: print new tcp_info fields: busy, rwnd-limited, sndbuf-limited times

Yulia Kartseva (1):
      tc: fix ipv6 filter selector attribute for some prefix lengths

Zhang Shengju (1):
      iplink: add support for IFLA_CARRIER attribute

yupeng (1):
      man: add additional explainations for ss

Élie Bouttier (1):
      ip route: replace exits with returns