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Re: Kernel freeze on AMD FX-9590 CPU during I/O

On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 11:01:24PM +0300, Dmitrii Tcvetkov wrote:
> Hello,
> Since linux kernel 4.14-rc1 almost any I/O has a chance to freeze kernel
> (no log in /dev/tty0 nor /dev/ttyS0 not netconsole, no ARP answer over
> network) on one of my machines. Compiling linux kernel reproduces the
> issue reliably so far.
> Bisecting between v4.13 and v4.14-rc1 led me to commit
> 94b1b03b519b81c494900cb112aa00ed205cc2d9

There's a candidate fix in case you wanna try it:



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