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"My name is Gerard Sanchez , a real estate agent in Dubai. I have been diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer. I have been on medical treatment after which it was confirmed by my doctor that I have cancer in 2011. The sad part now is that it has also been confirmed that i may not live to see next year for this reason i have decided to share my wealth to people who can make better use of it while i am gone. I want to transfer the sum of 24 Million Dollars to you. I saw a profile of you on the net. I hope that God directed me to the right person that will use these funds to fund orphanage homes,help the needy and widows. I have always been a God fearing man and i always love to help the poor. I want to extend this help to the people outside my region sadly my present health situation will not allow me move hence i have decided by the help of God to get this money to you and expect you to use some for your personal use and the others for charity work. I have lodged this money in a consignment please confirm your interest so i can tell you more on how to get this money. 

Please provide below informations to begin claims formalities 

Full Names:
Contact no:
Date of Birth:
Country of Residence

Ensure to send the above informations to my personal email address. Please take note ( gere647sah@xxxxxxxxx)

I believe so much in God and my faith has lead me to you please reply as soon as possible.

Warm Regards.