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[PATCH 4.12 00/22] 4.12.13-stable review

This is the start of the stable review cycle for the 4.12.13 release.
There are 22 patches in this series, all will be posted as a response
to this one.  If anyone has any issues with these being applied, please
let me know.

Responses should be made by Thu Sep 14 16:52:51 UTC 2017.
Anything received after that time might be too late.

The whole patch series can be found in one patch at:
or in the git tree and branch at:
  git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/linux-stable-rc.git linux-4.12.y
and the diffstat can be found below.


greg k-h

Pseudo-Shortlog of commits:

Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Linux 4.12.13-rc1

Trond Myklebust <trond.myklebust@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    NFSv4: Fix up mirror allocation

tarangg@xxxxxxxxxx <tarangg@xxxxxxxxxx>
    NFS: Sync the correct byte range during synchronous writes

Trond Myklebust <trond.myklebust@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    NFS: Fix 2 use after free issues in the I/O code

Mark Rutland <mark.rutland@xxxxxxx>
    ARM: 8692/1: mm: abort uaccess retries upon fatal signal

Marc Zyngier <marc.zyngier@xxxxxxx>
    ARM64: dts: marvell: armada-37xx: Fix GIC maintenance interrupt

Ben Seri <ben@xxxxxxxxx>
    Bluetooth: Properly check L2CAP config option output buffer length

Stanislaw Gruszka <sgruszka@xxxxxxxxxx>
    rt2800: fix TX_PIN_CFG setting for non MT7620 chips

Brijesh Singh <brijesh.singh@xxxxxxx>
    KVM: SVM: Limit PFERR_NESTED_GUEST_PAGE error_code check to L1 guest

Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxx>
    ALSA: msnd: Optimize / harden DSP and MIDI loops

Laurent Dufour <ldufour@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    mm/memory.c: fix mem_cgroup_oom_disable() call missing

David Rientjes <rientjes@xxxxxxxxxx>
    mm/swapfile.c: fix swapon frontswap_map memory leak on error

Darrick J. Wong <darrick.wong@xxxxxxxxxx>
    mm: kvfree the swap cluster info if the swap file is unsatisfactory

Andy Lutomirski <luto@xxxxxxxxxx>
    selftests/x86/fsgsbase: Test selectors 1, 2, and 3

Eric Dumazet <edumazet@xxxxxxxxxx>
    radix-tree: must check __radix_tree_preload() return value

Larry Finger <Larry.Finger@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
    rtlwifi: btcoexist: Fix breakage of ant_sel for rtl8723be

Aleksa Sarai <asarai@xxxxxxx>
    btrfs: resume qgroup rescan on rw remount

Daniel Verkamp <daniel.verkamp@xxxxxxxxx>
    nvme-fabrics: generate spec-compliant UUID NQNs

Abhishek Sahu <absahu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    mtd: nand: qcom: fix config error for BCH

Abhishek Sahu <absahu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    mtd: nand: qcom: fix read failure without complete bootchain

Boris Brezillon <boris.brezillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    mtd: nand: mxc: Fix mxc_v1 ooblayout

Martin Blumenstingl <martin.blumenstingl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    mtd: nand: hynix: add support for 20nm NAND chips

Lothar Waßmann <LW@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    mtd: nand: make Samsung SLC NAND usable again



 Makefile                                           |  4 +-
 arch/arm/mm/fault.c                                |  5 +-
 arch/arm64/boot/dts/marvell/armada-37xx.dtsi       |  1 +
 arch/x86/kvm/mmu.c                                 |  3 +-
 drivers/mtd/nand/mxc_nand.c                        |  7 +-
 drivers/mtd/nand/nand_base.c                       |  7 +-
 drivers/mtd/nand/nand_hynix.c                      |  4 +-
 drivers/mtd/nand/qcom_nandc.c                      | 18 ++--
 drivers/net/wireless/ralink/rt2x00/rt2800lib.c     |  5 +-
 .../realtek/rtlwifi/btcoexist/halbtc8723b2ant.c    |  5 +-
 drivers/nvme/host/fabrics.c                        |  2 +-
 fs/btrfs/super.c                                   |  2 +
 fs/nfs/file.c                                      |  6 +-
 fs/nfs/internal.h                                  |  1 -
 fs/nfs/pagelist.c                                  | 99 +++++++++++-----------
 fs/nfs/pnfs.c                                      |  2 -
 lib/radix-tree.c                                   |  9 +-
 mm/memory.c                                        | 10 +--
 mm/swapfile.c                                      |  3 +-
 net/bluetooth/l2cap_core.c                         | 80 +++++++++--------
 sound/isa/msnd/msnd_midi.c                         | 30 +++----
 sound/isa/msnd/msnd_pinnacle.c                     | 23 ++---
 tools/testing/selftests/x86/fsgsbase.c             | 41 +++++++--
 23 files changed, 215 insertions(+), 152 deletions(-)