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Re: [PATCH v2 1/5] reset: add reset-simple to unify socfpga, stm32, sunxi, and zx2967

Hi Phillip,

On 08/11/2017 06:06 AM, Philipp Zabel wrote:

diff --git a/drivers/reset/Kconfig b/drivers/reset/Kconfig
index 52d5251660b9b..f7ba01a71daee 100644
--- a/drivers/reset/Kconfig
+++ b/drivers/reset/Kconfig
@@ -68,6 +68,16 @@ config RESET_PISTACHIO
 	  This enables the reset driver for ImgTec Pistachio SoCs.

+	bool "Simple Reset Controller Driver" if COMPILE_TEST
+	default ARCH_SUNXI

This seems like a list with the potential to grow unbounded. I think it would be better for the platforms to 'select RESET_SIMPLE' rather than trying to guess all users in one big kconfig line.


+struct reset_simple_devdata {
+	bool inverted;
+static const struct reset_simple_devdata reset_simple_inverted = {
+	.inverted = true,

Hmm. I think it would be useful for new devices if there were have a way to specify this in devicetree.

+static const struct of_device_id reset_simple_dt_ids[] = {
+	{ .compatible = "allwinner,sun6i-a31-clock-reset",
+		.data = &reset_simple_inverted },
+	{ /* sentinel */ },

Are plans to have a "simple-reset" compatible binding for new devices?