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Re: [PATCH] Documentation: allow installing man pages to a user defined directory

On Thu, 20 Apr 2017 15:57:28 -0300
"Herton R. Krzesinski" <herton@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Documentation/DocBook/Makefile hard codes the prefixed path to which you
> can install the built man pages (/usr/local prefix). That's unfortunate
> since the user may want to install to another prefix or location (for
> example, a distribution packaging the man pages may want to install to a
> random temporary location in the build process).
> Be flexible and allow the prefixed path to which we install man pages to be
> changed with the INSTALL_MAN_PATH environment variable (and use the same
> default as other similar variables like INSTALL_HDR_PATH).

Applied, thanks.

Of course, the DocBook-based man-page generation is fading away, and we
haven't managed to put together a replacement quite yet.  Soon, I hope...