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[ANNOUNCE] 2016-Q4 release of KVMGT (Intel GVT-g for KVM)

Hi all,

Intel GVT-g for KVM (a.k.a. KVMGT) is a full GPU virtualization solution with mediated pass-through, starting from 5th generation Intel Core(TM) processors with Intel Graphics processors.  A virtual GPU instance is maintained for each VM, with part of performance critical resources directly assigned. The capability of running native graphics driver inside a VM, without hypervisor intervention in performance critical paths, achieves a good balance among performance, feature, and sharing capability.

Kernel: https://github.com/01org/igvtg-kernel (2016q4-4.3.0 branch)
Qemu: https://github.com/01org/igvtg-qemu (2016q4-2.3.0 branch)

This update consists of:
-    Support new platform: Intel Core 7th Generation, and Intel Xen E3 v6.  Code name is Kabylake.
-    Improve stability when QoS feature is enabled
-    Windows10 RedStone2 64bit support

Known issues:
-   At least 2GB memory is suggested for Guest Virtual Machine (win7-32/64, win8.1-64, win10-64) to run most 3D workloads
-   Windows8 and later Windows fast boot is not supported, the workaround is to disable power S3/S4 in HVM file by adding “acpi_S3=0, acpi_S4=0”
-   Sometimes when dom0 and guest has heavy workload, i915 in dom0 will trigger a false-alarmed TDR. The workaround is to disable dom0 hangcheck in dom0 grub file by adding “i915.enable_hangcheck=0”
-   Win7 32bit guest may meet tdr while multi guests are concurrently running heavy workload for a long time

Note: This is the last GVT-g community release based on old architecture design. After that, our next community release will switch to new code repository and new upstream architecture which has been upstreamed in kernel 4.10. 
Refer to the following blog for more details. https://01.org/igvt-g/blogs/wangbo85/2017/gvt-g-upstream-status-update-were-transition-phase 

Please subscribe to join the mailing list: https://lists.01.org/mailman/listinfo/igvt-g

Official iGVT-g portal: https://01.org/igvt-g

More information about background, architecture and others about Intel GVT-g, can be found at:


The KVMGT project should be considered a work in progress. As such it is not a complete product nor should it be considered one. Extra care should be taken when testing and configuring a system to use the KVMGT project.

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