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[PATCH 0/2] gpio: omap: set_debounce fixes

From: David Rivshin <drivshin@xxxxxxxxxxx>

This series fixes a couple of issues in the gpio-omap set_debounce logic.

Patches based ontop of v4.11-rc1, but apply cleanly to linux-gpio/fixes
and linux-next.

Tested on a (custom) AM335x board via gpio-keys.

(Apologies if anyone received this series twice, it seemed to fail
the first time due to a typo. Please ignore the any previous copy.)

David Rivshin (2):
  gpio: omap: return error if requested debounce time is not possible
  gpio: omap: compute debounce-time from actual debounce-clock rate

 drivers/gpio/gpio-omap.c | 26 +++++++++++++++++---------
 1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)


base-commit: c1ae3cfa0e89fa1a7ecc4c99031f5e9ae99d9201