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Re: plasma search in application launcher?

Hi Duncan;

thanks a bunch for your response and taking the time writing such an in-depth explanation. Greatly appreciated. :) I'm still in the process of getting used to KDE Plasma and, so, also learning how these things fit together and how they are named, so hope you pardon me messing up a few terminologies here. ;)

On 9/20/18 9:04 AM, Duncan wrote:

It's not entirely clear from your description, but I /believe/ what
you're referring to here is krunner, the beefed-up "run dialog" that does
so much more these days.

Yes, as far as I learnt by now, this is indeed krunner. It has an *impressive* feature set for sure, and I'm just slowly adopting its full potential for my day-to-day workflows. Started using KDE once again after spending most of my FLOSS life on GNOME or XFCE, I really quickly managed to make myself feel comfortable with the environment except for that one use case missing, in the Application Launcher (kicker):

When searching for an application in there (like Firefox, konsole, Thunderbird, ...), I'd like to be able to switch to an active instance of these applications if there are any, rather than starting a new one. krunner can do that apparently (and much more). The other way 'round however, krunner apparently doesn't offer a way to lock screen or shutdown the system; otherwise I'd completely give up on the start menu and just use krunner. But maybe there are still better ways to set all this up. Still learning. ;)

Actually I filed a feature request (I hope) for that, here:

Let's see what happens...

As for that wide array of search sources... krunner has a search-plugin
architecture just as plasma-shell has its plasmoid-widget plugin
architecture, with all sorts of runner/search plugins available to search
the various sources (running windows/desktops/activities, web shortcuts,
various indexed-file results from the semantic-desktop index components
that I don't have installed here and thus don't get, units converter, all
sorts of stuff!).

Yeah this is pretty amazing. Currently and very cautiously looking into that, I wonder how much effort hacking in custom search providers would be, even though my language skills (mostly Java, a bit of Python) possibly won't suffice for that... :) Still an interesting new playground...

Thanks again and all the best;