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Re: disable akonadi

The thread is about shutting down Akondi and why people want to do so. And it appears that a lot of people have to shut down Akondi because of performance reasons. Not just from this thread. A quick google search turns up hundreds of people asking the same question on Linux and technical forums. Akondi has serious performance issues.  

If you are a developer I'll be happy to take screen shots Htop and the way Akondi crushes a system's memory. The snide remarks made by Pete were I agree unhelpful, uncalled for and utterly useless. 

On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 5:17 AM Martin Steigerwald <martin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Pete Nikolic - 02.09.18, 10:57:
> One thing that I always find amusing is when people start whingeing
> about performance then you see a statement like I use chrome  with 20
> to 50 tabs […]

This thread is not about performance in any sense of sharing facts about
it. I have seen no facts about performance or actual memory consumption
at all on my few glimpses into posts. Without any solid facts behind
arguing that Firefox (which version? *that* matters *a lot*) for example
uses more memory than Chrome/Chromium… there is nothing here.

It seems to be about sharing personal stories and experiences. For a
purpose… of well what purpose actually?