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Re: disable akonadi

One thing I find amusing is when other people make statements without asking and thus looking rather foolish. I have rather diverse interests, memberships and activities. If I had to take a Microsoft single task open and close every app as I used them I'd lose a couple hours a day of productivity.  The tabs I have open allow me to sit down and immediately go to work on a given task as necessary. They are important references, email, what I am working on at a given moment and I leave it open rather than bookmark something I only need once or trying to find those pages in my history and get back to the section I was reading or using for reference. I might have a couple related scientific articles open for example that stay open for several days as I follow up on my research on the topic. Once I've consumed the knowledge to the point necessary I close down the related tabs saving those to PDF as necessary that I will want later. 

Other tabs are things like netflix, where I might be in the middle of viewing something or just have it open so if I want to watch a movie 3 seconds later I'm watching a movie. I keep multiple machines running multiple tabs and can accomplish more in an hour that most people accomplish in a day because I don't spend most of my time repeating useless tasks such as getting back to where I was at one point or another. I have a very large amount of expert memory that allows me to keep track of states in various endeavors very similar to a chess player keeping track of the state of a board while playing multiple chess boards. Speaking of which one app I might be keeping open is a chess game I'm playing while I wait for my opponent to move. I can click on the board, make my move, fire it off and get back to whatever else I'm doing in seconds.  I can grab my guitar and go strait to recording a project I am working on, editing a song I just recorded or if I'm learning a cover to jam with somebody I can in seconds be right back to the tabs, a video of how to play the song and the song's video which I can switch back and forth as needed. Then do something else and come back a couple days later to refresh my memory until I've got the song down pat. Then I may jump over to an article or book or script I'm writing, throw it in a grammar checking website I leave open all the time, drop it back in my editor, jump over to the next thing I'm writing or go look at my Fantasy baseball teams or read email or hit social media. I might write a quick Python script and have 3 or 4 tabs open with references related to what I'm doing and close those tabs as I no longer need them rather than trying to remember what page out of the 20 I looked at had the best example or information. Then opening that page up in a tab, then scrolling down to the section I was interested in assuming I even remembered where it was. That's just some of the MANY examples of the things I do. 

Linux allows me to do that. Not just do that, but to do it on systems that could barely run windoze at all much less overload the system the way I do. My problem is Akondi which cripples Linux and turns it into a Windoze like single tasker. If I wanted that I'd just leave windoze on the machine and do things SLOOOWWWWWLLLY one thing at a time spending half my day opening things back up, waiting for the states to get refreshed, then scrolling or otherwise. I'm way too ADD, I'll be doing something else having gotten bored by the time I get done opening the app, finding the page, waiting for it to load, then scrolling down. My inspiration might be gone, I may have an urgent IM come in, a lot of reasons why I don't want to spend a minute doing something that should take 3 seconds. 

I get reid of Akondi and my system becomes usable. Simple as that. Not everyone, in fact most people wouldn't be comfortable using a computer like I do. That does not give me the right to feel superior and to make sarcastic remarks about people who do not use a computer the way I do. Nor is such behavior mature, or helpful. 

On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 3:58 AM Pete Nikolic <pg.nikolic1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
One thing that I always find amusing is when people start whingeing about performance then you see a statement like I use chrome  with 20 to 50 tabs open what justification have you got for WAISTING so many resources on browser tabs  I find it laughable I have not had ONE person come back with a valid excuse for such waste yet maybe you will do better I doubt it thou .

Pete .

On Sun, 2 Sep 2018, 03:53 Draciron Smith, <draciron@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My normal desktop is Chrome with 20-50 tabs open, on this machine it's KDE 4 so I had to switch to Open Office as Office Libre was super unstable. I often have 7  to 10 documents open at same time as those Chrome tabs, plus a Kate session with 3-10 docs in the Kate session plus misc apps such as Dolphin, Krusader, Kconvert, Audacity, perhaps a few FF tabs and so on. I do that on 4 gigs of ram and have for years. 

On the first machine machine I put KDE 5 on, it only has 2 gigs of ram and 2 gig swap partition. It's sort of reflex for me to create swap partition same size as ram. In hindsight I probably should have gone with a 4 gig swap partition. With Akondi running it will even if I'm doing nothing on that machine I will hear it start churning several hours after I boot it. If I start putting a load on it then it craters rather quickly. 

That's the thing. I am not using ANY Akondi agents. I use webmail clients for email, my phone is my contact manager, I never use Knotes or any other Akondi enabled apps. 

Since I disabled Akondi I have no problem having several Office Libre documents open at the same time as a dozen Chrome or FF tabs including several that use Flash, as well as 2 to 5 PDF files open, Clemintine, perhaps a Krusader or a few Dolphin windows and a Konsole session. I always have a Konsole window open. First thing I do when I reboot. Since disabling Akondi the only time I reboot is normal Kernel update reboots. Prior that I might get a day or two before having to reboot, usually a cold boot using the power button because it's churning so bad I can't even get to a console window or SSH in to bring the machine down gracefully. 

On this machine SSh server is running and I took down some stuff like Samba and MySQL and I had Barrios installed but it was too heavy on resources for my liking on this machine so I removed it. My original intent with this machine was to essentially a jukebox and once I'm done figuring out if I can continue using KDE or am going to be forced to switched to XFCE  I will be building a few newer machines and this will go back to being primarily a jukebox. My old Mac died however and I had to offload what I normally do on the Mac to this 2 gig machine and with Akondi disabled it's a little slow despite being a 7 year old Emachine that was low end even 7 years ago, but gets the job done. I had 1.5 gigs of Ram consumed before I opened ANYTHING with Akondi running. It essentially turned a 2 gig machine into a half gig machine. 

I'll agree with you on FF being more memory intensive. In fact is has a rather large memory leak somewhere, especially when dealing with Flash websites.  Which is the primary reason I switched to Chrome as primary browser about 5 years ago. I still use FF for plugins that Chrome doesn't have such as downloading videos, for secondary email accounts, things like that. I don't usually leave it continuously running like I do Chrome which stays up from about 10 seconds after I reboot until I reboot again or after 2 or 3 months I might kill it and restart it to recover memory lost to memory leaks if a kernel update hasn't forced me to reboot in a few months.  All my machines run 24/7. 

On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 11:56 AM René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Saturday September 01 2018 10:34:02 Draciron Smith wrote:

> The difference is night and day for me.  I'll get an app open, maybe a
> music player, maybe a web browser. Open a 2nd app and the machine starts
> churning. If I don't head strait for a konsole window and kill Akondi
> processes I will wind up mashing the power button as it locks up so hard I

Something is definitely wrong there. What Akonadi agents are or were you using that blocked the machine to such an extent? It doesn't make sense that they would consume more resources than FF or Chrome running a full-blown session (FF is worse in terms of RAM usage than Chrome these days)...
I'm tempted to ask if you have a sufficiently large swap partition but you must because otherwise I don't see how one could run FF/Chrome plus LibreOffice with a bunch of documents open.