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Re: disable akonadi

On Saturday September 01 2018 10:34:02 Draciron Smith wrote:

> The difference is night and day for me.  I'll get an app open, maybe a
> music player, maybe a web browser. Open a 2nd app and the machine starts
> churning. If I don't head strait for a konsole window and kill Akondi
> processes I will wind up mashing the power button as it locks up so hard I

Something is definitely wrong there. What Akonadi agents are or were you using that blocked the machine to such an extent? It doesn't make sense that they would consume more resources than FF or Chrome running a full-blown session (FF is worse in terms of RAM usage than Chrome these days)...
I'm tempted to ask if you have a sufficiently large swap partition but you must because otherwise I don't see how one could run FF/Chrome plus LibreOffice with a bunch of documents open.