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Re: disable akonadi

The difference is night and day for me.  I'll get an app open, maybe a music player, maybe a web browser. Open a 2nd app and the machine starts churning. If I don't head strait for a konsole window and kill Akondi processes I will wind up mashing the power button as it locks up so hard I can't even get to a console window to kill processes or SSH in. With Akondi shut down down I can can have 20 FF or Chrome tabs open, 4 or 5 Office Libre tabs open, Clemintine up and playing tunes, a few Dolphin windows and so on. If the machine gets slow I close a few things.  Until I put KDE 5 on this machine the last time I had to reboot a Linux system by the power button was years ago. 

I was a bit leery of leaving Baloo running. I had to take out Neopunk on KDE 4 systems because it was such an unnice resource hog. Not had those issues with Baloo and I'll agree spotlight can be nice. I also run a Mac. I use it mostly for recording,  primarily because it's near impossible to find drivers for some of my break out boxes, effects pedals and such, as well as Sound One which I love as a DAW. Audacity is a good basic DAW but I sometimes need the more advanced features of Sound One and it doesn't cost an arm and leg like Cubase and a whole lot easier to use. It's interface is more like Audacity's and Cakewalk which is what I used back when I still had a windoze machine for recording. I also wind up doing Skype and a few other things that are much better supported on the Mac than Linux on the Mac. 

On Fri, Aug 31, 2018 at 12:10 PM René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Friday August 31 2018 11:41:55 Draciron Smith wrote:

>unusable. It is a resource MONSTER.  I wouldn't even consider running it
>without at least 16 gigs of ram and the way I multitask I doubt that's

I've been using it on a 5 or 6 yo netbook with only 8Gb of RAM and using ZFS (itself a memory eater). With a bit of tuning of the fetching intervals it is slowish but perfectly usable without monopolising the machine.
That was PIM 4.13 though, to be honest. The current KMail depends on QtWebEngine which is itself a resource monster, so it has to be worse.

>I did leave Baloo running, it doesn't seem to kick off the server and all

FWIW, the akonadi baloo agent serves to integrate PIM metadata with the baloo-based desktop indexing feature which otherwise does not depend on akonadi. The indexing itself can be a hog too.