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Re: Color configuration issue on Plasma

On Thursday July 05 2018 11:58:50 dep wrote:
> Plasma desktop on a GPD Pocket computer
>The window manager is, according to wmctrl, kwin.

On a different matter: the one with an Atom X7 and 8Gb RAM? I have a comparable (slightly slower) N3150-based notebook and find KWin5 a bit of a hog that I have to restart at least once a day because keeps eating up RAM. KWin4 is less invasive but in the end I'm simply using xfwm4 with the Mint-X theme (and xscreensaver for screensaving & locking). I find I can do just fine without KWin's flashier animations and effects, and I'd swear that fullscreen video playback is less prone to tearing with xfwm4 too.

YMMV of course.