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Re: Lost behavior between KDE and 5.5.5

That's not a big issue for me since I only use Kmail to open mail archives and cannot use it in KDE 5 anyway as it brings up Akondi and Akondi buries my system. I'll download the strait Ubuntu rather than Kbuntu and see if Trinity is supported on that and give it a try. I use Chrome primarily, Firefox for some stuff. Occasionally Opera. Not a big fan of Konquerer. 

I remember a conversation not long after KDE4 came out about QT dependencies and KDE. I would think that Trinity would stick with the latest QT just for support issues. The primary KDE apps I'm hooked on are things like Krusader, SoundKonverter, Ksnapshot, K3B, Krename, things like that. Most stuff I use desktop independent like Synaptic, Chrome, etc or mix in Gnome apps like Gimp, Gphoto, etc. Kmail is my favorite mail platform but I I switched to web mail a long time ago. 

On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 3:51 AM, René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>       Perhaps.  The Trinity folks are talking about porting up to Qt5, and to be
>honest, I haven't found anything important that's not working.

Even with Qt4 there are already things that no longer work ... properly, even under X11, because it is no longer being maintained. QtWebKit 4.x hasn't seen any security updates for quite a while AFAIK, to give just one example, and I expect that Konqueror4 will have rendering issues with an increasing number of sites. That may be a moot point when you use Firefox or a Chromium-based browser, but QtWebKit is also used in KMail for instance.