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Re: Lost behavior between KDE and 5.5.5

Thanks Ian on the suggestion of kdeconnect. Will try that. 

I've used BSD but not been impressed with the apps, especially GUI apps. Makes a fine server if you are doing standard stuff. The lack of third party support however can be frustrating and it's bash shell seems a might unfriendly to me compared to Linux. On my Mac I use the shell from time to time and it can be frustrating at times. Some of it is that I just don't know the proper switches to duplicate Linux defaults or switches I'm accustomed too.   Last I looked neither KDE or a KDE clone ran on BSD, but it's been a bit since I ran BSD on one of my systems.  The Ubuntu app repositories and LTS distros have huge appeal to me. So too does the extensive driver DB  I'm a former sys admin. I get no joy from working on my system, I worked on systems for years. I want to do work WITH my system not on it. 

Takes me about six months to really break in a machine and get it where I really like it. If I installed 14.04 on those machines now I'd have six months then have to wipe and load and spend six months breaking in several machines all over again. I install and configure literally thousands of packages.I am a musician, writer, do web work at times, graphics and video editing, a bit of coding now and then, and a lot of other stuff. I have at least 300,000 files on this machine that I generated ranging from mages to music files, images, videos, documents, etc that I have to manage, convert between formats, work with in some way including occasional forensic work. They only take up about 200 gigs but KDE apps like Krusader along with desktop independent and Gnome apps allow me to get best app for me working on same desktop. Another reason I'm slow to try Trinity. I'm leery about being locked into KDE only apps as there are several Gnome or desktop independent apps I use frequently. Clemintine for example. It's supported on Mac so I can move playlists between both machines, handles the audio and huge music lists I have gracefully and a critical feature for me they don't hide the friggin volume control, start stop buttons. Juk at least it's obvious where the volume is, but it's annoying to click first on volume then adjust it. Clementime makes it easy to adjust volume, skip forward/backwards in a song, track, etc. You know the kinds of things you WANT to do while listening to an audio file. Hell being able to clearly see the exact second you are into a track without having to mouse over something alone is sometimes invaluable. 

I've been intrigued by Trinity and seriously considered it. I LOVED KDE 3. It was my favorite desktop environment. I've been using KDE for a very long time now. I started with Gnome but soon as I tried KDE I was hooked. I was not impressed with KDE 4 either. In fact I got on this list at some point long ago to blast some of the changes and lament the loss of apps like Kedit, which I still haven't found a suitable Linux replacement for. Text Wrangler on the Mac has become my primary text editor. KATE is too bloated, crashes on me at times and I'm not all that impressed with it's features. I occasionally edit code in a text editor, but if I'm seriously coding I'm using a dedicated IDE for it not a text editor. So want a light weight text editor with KDE standard keyboard shortcuts/menus with auto spell check, and similar rather basic functionality such as fonts, adjustable auto wrap, the ability to gracefully edit large files, etc. Kedit was perfect. I could have 100s of Kedit windows open for months at a time and not lug my system, it never crashed on me, had almost all the features I wanted. Trinity unfortunately is not in Ubuntu's 16.04 LTS repo. I looked. I'm loath to put a lot of software on my machine that I have to manually watch for updates because I simply forget and because of the risk of  dependency hell. 

On Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 8:16 AM, René J.V. Bertin <rjvbertin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Monday June 18 2018 07:37:08 Draciron Smith wrote:


>I don't upgrade till a version is out of support since upgrades never work

AFAIK Kubuntu 14.04 still has almost a year of LTS support...

>years now. I am in the process of taking several older computers that were
>given to me and putting Linux on them as well as installing Linux for a

Are you "married" to Linux? TrueOS (formerly PC-BSD) still provides a KDE4 desktop and from what I understand, FreeBSD is more efficient esp. on older hardware. From what I've seen you basically only give up Google Chrome and Spotify plus a few similar apps, and get to use a slightly older FireFox version. In return you get out-of-the-box support for ZFS. Setting that up with copies=2 on the crucial datasets is great for less litterate users who wouldn't think of ever backing anything up.