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Re: Top of windows too tall and apparently non-adjustable in kde 5.

On Monday April 30 2018 06:56:24 Duncan wrote:
>Duncan posted on Mon, 30 Apr 2018 06:33:02 +0000 as excerpted:

>Meanwhile, svg's are actually text-based as well, with svgz's being gzip-
>compressed svgs, so in theory one could edit those as well, but meh...

Use Inkscape if you have to, but be prepared that editing vector graphics can be as straightforward as editing raster graphics - but in very different ways.

There's a Qt widget style that uses SVGs for everything, I think it's the default in the KaOS distro, called Kwantum or Kvantum or something of the sort.

And just in case anyone who reads this feels up to it: there's still a project to port the QtCurve window decoration stuff to Qt5/Plasma5. QtCurve has customisation in its mission statement and does NOT impose flat looks. So once that port is done we can always at least consider adding another tweak parameter.