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Re: Top of windows too tall and apparently non-adjustable in kde 5.

On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 06:49:33AM +0000, Duncan wrote:
> Your reply reminded me...
> Depending on the selected window decoration, icon-button size may 
> determine titlebar height.
> The breeze window decoration does have a button size option[1], and when 
> I select it[2], and while setting it "tiny" doesn't seem to do anything, 

Mmm...  Where would this button size option be? The "Buttons" tab in "Window
Decorations" only has drag and drop to add/remove buttons.  This is true
of all the themes I've tried so far: Plastik, Breeze, Air Oxygen and
blacksquare.  I've managed to remove the round button on the left of the
title bar (in blacksquare) by dragging it out and I can't put any buttons
in it. Clicking on "Defaults" only switches back to Breeze.

> I suppose because my text is then bigger than the icons, setting it 
> "Large" or "Very Large" *DEFINITELY* increases titlebar height (and 
> returning it to medium or lower reduces it again).
> So try playing with button size in breeze or oxygen win-deco config, and 
> see if that helps.
> Of course you can also try some of the windeco options from the kde 
> store.  While it won't be to everybody's liking, one reason I ended up 
> with BlackSquare after trying a number of others is because it /is/ quite 

Yea for blacksquare! It has the narrowest title bar I've found so far.
Too bad it cannot be configured by color, but then it wouldn't be
/black/square :-)

> short.  The only config option it has is button size, but with that set 
> to tiny, it really does reduce the titlebar height from normal, giving me 
> one of the shortest titlebars of any I've tried, which in turn means more 
> room for actual window content. =:^)

That's the idea, but where is this option?  From the package manager I
gather I have kde-plasma-desktop 5:92 (Debian 9.4) and from the "help" menu
in konsole I see that the KDE Frameworks is 5.28, Qt 5.7.1.  Maybe in
this version the button size doesn't exist yet.

> The effect is enough that if I were seriously put off by the color or 
> other elements of the windeco, I might actually try hand-editing its 
> config files to change them, or alternatively, try hand-editing other 
> windeco's files to get the shortness of BlackSquare with tiny buttons, 
> but as it happens, I'm OK enough with the color and etc not to bother.

In what config files could I find these options?

Thanks for taking the time to reply.  The size of the blacksquare title
bar is acceptable.  Maybe it's time to get to more important issues.
In the grand scheme of things, the height of the title bar is not such
tall order (pun intented :-).

> ---
> [1] Well, the live-git version I built a few days ago does anyway, but 
> from memory the option has been there in the default windeco since at 
> least oxygen in kde4, and it's still in oxygen now.
> [2] As I said I've been running BlackSquare, from the kde store aka the 
> get new decorations button.