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Re: Top of windows too tall and apparently non-adjustable in kde 5.

A. F. Cano posted on Fri, 27 Apr 2018 20:39:17 -0400 as excerpted:

> On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 09:27:49AM +0000, Duncan wrote:
>> A. F. Cano posted on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 16:15:00 -0400 as excerpted:
>> > [ about titlebar height ]
> Thank you for a very informative post.
>> The size of the titlebar, along with whether it honors the appropriate
>> color settings, font sizes, etc, is controlled by the window
>> decoration. Some of them don't use the normal settings, unfortunately,
>> and I know for sure that the window decoration setting affects titlebar
>> height and color because I'm using a window decoration (BlackSquare)
>> from the kde store, that dramatically changes both.
> Obviously not an easy problem as there is text whose size needs to be
> taken into account as it can be configured separately.
> The "Window Decorations" page has a "Border Size" drop-down menu, in
> which I've selected the smallest option possible: "Tiny".  This affects
> the other 3 sides but not the title bar.  Maybe another configuration
> drop-down menu for "Title Bar Height" with similar options would do the
> trick, but as that's a new feature and development seems to be going in
> other directions, I'm not holding my breath.

Your reply reminded me...

Depending on the selected window decoration, icon-button size may 
determine titlebar height.

The breeze window decoration does have a button size option[1], and when 
I select it[2], and while setting it "tiny" doesn't seem to do anything, 
I suppose because my text is then bigger than the icons, setting it 
"Large" or "Very Large" *DEFINITELY* increases titlebar height (and 
returning it to medium or lower reduces it again).

So try playing with button size in breeze or oxygen win-deco config, and 
see if that helps.

Of course you can also try some of the windeco options from the kde 
store.  While it won't be to everybody's liking, one reason I ended up 
with BlackSquare after trying a number of others is because it /is/ quite 
short.  The only config option it has is button size, but with that set 
to tiny, it really does reduce the titlebar height from normal, giving me 
one of the shortest titlebars of any I've tried, which in turn means more 
room for actual window content. =:^)

The effect is enough that if I were seriously put off by the color or 
other elements of the windeco, I might actually try hand-editing its 
config files to change them, or alternatively, try hand-editing other 
windeco's files to get the shortness of BlackSquare with tiny buttons, 
but as it happens, I'm OK enough with the color and etc not to bother.

[1] Well, the live-git version I built a few days ago does anyway, but 
from memory the option has been there in the default windeco since at 
least oxygen in kde4, and it's still in oxygen now.

[2] As I said I've been running BlackSquare, from the kde store aka the 
get new decorations button.

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