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Re: Top of windows too tall and apparently non-adjustable in kde 5.

A. F. Cano posted on Sun, 22 Apr 2018 16:15:00 -0400 as excerpted:

> Hello everyone:
> I've been struggling to configure the look of window decorations,
> specifically the top, on Debian 9/Kde 5.28.0 (current stable) the way I
> had them on Debian 7/Kde 4.8.4.  Unfortunately Kde 5 is so different
> that I can't figure out what combination of theme, style, color, etc...
> I need to match what I had.
> Specifically, I would like the height of the frame at the top of the
> windows to be less tall, but I can't find any way to do this.  I can
> also not get the font size to change.  I also liked the 3-D look that
> was possible in Kde 4.8.4 that I can't find any way to reproduce on
> 5.28.0.

The size of the titlebar, along with whether it honors the appropriate 
color settings, font sizes, etc, is controlled by the window decoration.  
Some of them don't use the normal settings, unfortunately, and I know for 
sure that the window decoration setting affects titlebar height and color 
because I'm using a window decoration (BlackSquare) from the kde store, 
that dramatically changes both.

FWIW, only the plasma5-default breeze and kde4-default oxygen appear to 
have significant decoration configuration -- many only have button size.

Also, AFAIK, there's no general option for the (IIRC global) stippled 
titlebar effect as there was in kde4, that I see on your kde4 
screenshots. =:^(  

My /guess/ is that with plasma-on-wayland (which I have yet to personally 
try) being the development focus now (tho it's said to still be rather 
rough around the edges and there continue to be many changes in live-git, 
which I run, to bring plasma-wayland to plasma-x11's functionality and 
polish level), and with a "wayland-first" policy, there may be no easy 
way to get wayland to do some of these things (at least not yet, keep in 
mind how young wayland itself is compared to X), and if they hadn't yet 
ported a feature from kde4, it likely won't appear in plasma5, wayland or 
X, until wayland supports it.

Of course the other big issue for may of us, including me, is that 
plasma5's breeze default is "flat" everything -- apparently everyone has 
jumped on google's flat "material design" and etc bandwagon, and while 
the kde4-default oxygen still has /some/ 3-D features, for instance on 
the widget style, it's now considered 90s/last-century, and the "flat-
earthers" are running away with things, so some of the 3-D features 
simply aren't, and apparently won't, make it to plasma5.

FWIW I miss the 2-color-fade windecos, too.  Oh, well...

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