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Top of windows too tall and apparently non-adjustable in kde 5.

Hello everyone:

I've been struggling to configure the look of window decorations, specifically
the top, on Debian 9/Kde 5.28.0 (current stable) the way I had them on Debian
7/Kde 4.8.4.  Unfortunately Kde 5 is so different that I can't figure out what
combination of theme, style, color, etc... I need to match what I had.

Specifically, I would like the height of the frame at the top of the windows
to be less tall, but I can't find any way to do this.  I can also not get the
font size to change.  I also liked the 3-D look that was possible in Kde 4.8.4
that I can't find any way to reproduce on 5.28.0.

I include 3 small screen captures:

debian-7-kde-4.8.4-top.jpg	shows how I would like it to look.
debian-8-kde-4.14.2-top.jpg 	shows the best approximation I could do on
				Debian 8.
debian-9-kde-5.28.0-top.jpg	the closest I could come in Debian 9.

Note that the latter has no 3-D look and the top is way too tall.  The
"import <file name>" command I used to capture the images generated all
kind of garbage lines on Kde 5.28.0 (Debian 9 stable).  The same command
worked just fine in Kde 4 on the other 2 computers.

The different sizes of the images is due to the different resolutions and size
of monitors on the 3 computers, the important issue is the relative size of
the window frame and the font size in the frame and of the menus.  The
konsole windows whose tops I captured have the same apparent size on all 3

It seemed that Kde 4 was much more configurable, or Kde 5 is trying to do
more auto-magically, with results I don't know how to change.

I would like to upgrade the older 2 computers to Debian 9 but first I want the
Debian 9 desktop to look like the Debian 7 one.  Can anyone tell me what I
need to do?


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