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Re: How to use VNC in KDE4?

Hi Kevin,

I have figured it out:

  • On the remote server machine where you would like to share desktop
    • Launch "Desktop Sharing", either way:
      • by running "krfb" on command line
      • by KDE Menu -> Applications -> Internet -> Desktop Sharing
    • Click on "Settings" to configure the options you would like to share your desktop.
      • The configuration file will be saved in the desktop owner's home folder as ~/.kde/share/config/krfbrc:
        • [Security]
  • Now you can connect to the remote server's desktop from any machine
    • Launch "Remote Desktop Client", either way:
      • by running "krdc" on command line
      • by KDE Menu -> Applications -> Internet -> Remote Desktop Client
    • Enter username@remote-server:port in the connection text  input.
      • e.g., zaiwen@remote-server:5900
    • After connecting it shall ask for the optimal connection speed and the password. Then it should display the remote desktop.
    • The connection details will be saved in your home folder as ~/.kde/share/config/krdcrc.

On 04/15/18 05:26, Kevin Krammer wrote:
Hi Zaiwen,

welcome back :-)

I would suggest to check with the KDE Enterprise list again, not sure any user 
in the personal/private use case has had the need for such a setup.


On Dienstag, 10. April 2018 17:37:56 CEST Zaiwen Gong wrote:

We are using KDE 4.10.4.

I have Vino Server installed and configured to be auto started.

Then I tried to use remote-viewer to connect to remote KDE desktop, but
not sure how to configure it.

Any documentation?