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Re: Kmail message storage folders

On Monday, 16 April 2018 1:20:10 AM NZST cr wrote:

> On Sunday, 15 April 2018 2:48:48 PM NZST Kevin Krammer wrote:

> >

> > The read/unread status is actually part of the filename.

> > I.e. a "read" message's filename contains an "S" (for Seen).

> >

> > The new/cur is something else if I remember correctly.

> >

> > Cheers,

> > Kevin


> Ah, now that appears to be consistent with what I can see. My 'Ford'

> folder in kmail showed just 3 unread messages and just 3 of the files didn't

> have 'S' at the end of their filename. I just marked them as 'read' in

> Kmail and all the files now are suffixed 'S'.


> Ford/'cur' and 'new' between them contain 119 files and Kmail is showing...

> 119 messages! So all present and correct. That's a relief. Thanks


> Cheers


> Chris


Umm, I've done some Googling.

Apparently, according to the Maildir specification, unread messages should be in 'new' and should be moved to 'cur' when they are "found by a cognizant maildir reading process" (whatever that means)


It should also attach suffixes such as 'S' for 'Seen' etc - which Kmail evidently does.

My conclusion is that, for my purposes, I don't need to worry about 'cur' or 'new', the files all show up as messages in the respective Kmail folder.