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Re: Kmail message storage folders

On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 02:36:07PM -0300, Nicolás Alvarez wrote:

> El 14 abr. 2018, a la(s) 11:01, cr <cr@xxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

> > One possible snag I can see is that kmail has created, in each folder

> > such as 'cars', subfolders called 'cur', 'new' and 'tmp'. Typically

> > 'tmp' is empty but both 'cur' and 'new' are full of messages. How does

> > kmail (or akonadi?) assign messages to 'cur' or 'new'? If it

> > arbitrarily shifts messages from one to the other then my copying idea

> > will likely result in numerous duplicate messages.

> >

> > I've tried the Kmail documentation but it doesn't seem to throw any

> > light on this.>

> It's the standard Maildir format. 'new' has unread messages, 'cur' has

> read messages. They will be moved between folders when you mark messages

> as read or unread.


Thanks for that. It's useful to know how it should work.


(Inspection shows that I have many more files in some 'new' subdirectories than Kmail shows as 'unread'. Evidently akonadi is failing to notice them, for some reason. I need to investigate that.)