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Re: Kmail message storage folders

On Samstag, 14. April 2018 16:01:33 CEST cr wrote:
> I currently have Kmail on my server, with thousands of messages in Maildir
> format on a separate partition (which simplifies migration/upgrading).
> They're sorted into many subfolders such as 'cars', 'accounts', 'kde' etc.
> I typically ssh into the server from whichever laptop I'm using and run
> Kmail on the server via ssh, which avoids any syncing issues.   However
> this does mean my server is running for hours just for emails, which costs
> power.
> I'm considering running kmail on a laptop and syncing every few days by
> copying the new emails to the server's partition using 'cp' or Nautilus or
> similar to copy recursively only new mailfiles.   Can anyone confirm if this
> will work?   Is there a better way to sync?

I would suggest looking at rsync over ssh.


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