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Re: Kmail message storage folders

El 14 abr. 2018, a la(s) 11:01, cr <cr@xxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:
> One possible snag I can see is that kmail has created, in each folder such as 'cars', subfolders called 'cur', 'new' and 'tmp'. Typically 'tmp' is empty but both 'cur' and 'new' are full of messages. How does kmail (or akonadi?) assign messages to 'cur' or 'new'? If it arbitrarily shifts messages from one to the other then my copying idea will likely result in numerous duplicate messages.
> I've tried the Kmail documentation but it doesn't seem to throw any light on this.

It's the standard Maildir format. 'new' has unread messages, 'cur' has read messages. They will be moved between folders when you mark messages as read or unread.