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Re: fine vertical scrolling with keyboard

>> [kwin 5.8.7, up-to-date openSuSE Leap 42.3]
>> within an HTML browser I can easily scroll up and down with the
>> arrow keys which use, say, 100 pixels per keyboard press.  Is there
>> a way to have, say, 'Alt + Arrow Key' to move 10 pixels instead?
>> Ditto for one-pixel moves?
> That's very much likely to depend on which browser you use and you
> didn't say.

Both Firefox and Chrome.

> Unless it's the relatively new kde-based falkon browser (formerly
> qupzilla), a kde list is likely to be the wrong place to ask as the
> browser and its UI isn't likely to have anything to do with
> kde/plasma.

Well, I thought that scrolling with arrow keys is something governed
by global KDE key settings, cf. to resizing windows (at least in
earlier KDE versions) with arrow keys combined with modifier keys.

Will try elsewhere, thanks for answering.