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Re: Migration of kwallet failed

Michael Schwartzkopff posted on Tue, 03 Apr 2018 21:00:23 +0200 as

> Thanks for all the hints, but nothing really helped. I tried all (!)
> existing and reasonable command line tools, I tried all reasonable
> tricks from the internet and from this list. But still I am not aable to
> decrypt my kwallet file.
> I also did not find a good descriptions of the format kwallet stores its
> data ,so I'd be able to write the decrypt program myself. I do not have
> the time to reverse engineer the file format.
> Since I need my paswords, I am willing to sponsor a command line tool
> that takes the wallet, the salt file and the password as input and dumps
> the contents of the password store. Yes, I am ready to pay money for
> this tool. Finally it has to work on my computer and decrypt my wallet.
> I'd like to see this tool beeing available as open source.

As Martin S. I'm inclined to believe that the wallet files you have must 
be corrupt.  Because otherwise /something/ would work with them.  So 
restoring from a known-good backup looks to be your best bet.

Meanwhile, there remains another suggestion I've not seen made yet, tho 
honestly if nothing else has worked I'm guessing this won't either, but...

Back in the middle of the kde4 era I switched from konqueror and kmail 
using kwallet to firefox and claws-mail.[1]  So these days I don't use 
kwallet for anything and only have the framework installed because it's a 
non-optional dep of various other kde packages I have installed, 
including the plasma-desktop and plasma-workspace packages themselves.

But in the switch from konqueror to firefox I did use a firefox extension 
that integrated with kwallet for a time.

Presumably it's still available, at least for older pre-webext/pre-e10s 
firefox as you may still be running with an old 2014-era Ubuntu, tho I 
rather doubt it made the switch to webext and thus is likely incompatible 
with current firefox.

But I really do doubt it'd work in any case, because as I said, chances 
are /something/ you tried would have worked by now, if the kwallet files 
themselves weren't corrupt, which I suspect to be your real problem.

[1] It became very clear to me after some potentially security-critical 
konqueror bugs weren't fixed in the timely manner befitting security-
critical bugs on an app accessing untrusted content, and based on various 
kde dev comments, that they considered konqueror little more than a toy, 
not a daily-driver browser kept sufficiently security-updated to use it 
for untrusted content AND for online banking and other security-critical 
tasks, and while I don't always agree with mozilla's decisions, unlike 
google's chromium which is developed primarily has an open base for the 
proprietary chrome, at least mozilla's firefox has always been freedomware 
as the primary product.  And kmail jumped the shark with the akonadi 
integration -- email isn't rocket science and should "just work", without 
me having to reset the database to recover lost mail, and without a bunch 
of feature-bloat and dependencies I don't need or want in the first place.

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