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Re: Migration of kwallet failed

Michael Schwartzkopff - 03.04.18, 21:00:
> Am 03.04.2018 um 10:03 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> > Michael Schwartzkopff - 03.04.18, 07:19:
> >> Am 02.04.2018 um 10:11 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Thanks for all the hints, but nothing really helped. I tried all (!)
> existing and reasonable command line tools, I tried all reasonable
> tricks from the internet and from this list. But still I am not aable to
> decrypt my kwallet file.

Okay, still a short answer, before I go to bed.

That is really strange. Are you sure the file is intact? Did you compare it 
with a known good backup? You have been able to use it before on Ubuntu 14.04, 
haven´t you? So in this case I would dig out an older version of the file that 
works. The one directly before the first attempt to migrate anything. This one 
should really still work with an KDE SC 4 based distro, cause you used it 
before like that. Heck, if nothing else works, why not restore your Ubuntu 
14.04 completely (system + userdata, at least what is needed for KWallet) in 
order to access your passwords.
> I also did not find a good descriptions of the format kwallet stores its
> data ,so I'd be able to write the decrypt program myself. I do not have
> the time to reverse engineer the file format.

You could look in kwallet sourcecode.

> Since I need my paswords, I am willing to sponsor a command line tool
> that takes the wallet, the salt file and the password as input and dumps
> the contents of the password store. Yes, I am ready to pay money for
> this tool. Finally it has to work on my computer and decrypt my wallet.
> I'd like to see this tool beeing available as open source.
> Any developers willing to take on that task, please contact me via mail.

I´d ask this in IRC, in kde-devel / frameworks-devel mailinglists. I do not 
have the impression that many KDE developers read this mailinglist regularily.

Good luck.