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Re: Migration of kwallet failed

Hello Michael.

Initial mail might have landed in moderation queue or something like that, at 
least it didn´t get through yet, thus CC´ing to you as well.

Michael Schwartzkopff - 02.04.18, 07:44: 
> I did an upgrade of ubuntu 14.04 to 16.04 and now my kwallet is empty.
> The version of kwalletmanager on the old system was 4:4.13.2.
> The version on the new system is 4:15.12.3-0ubuntu1.
> The new kwalletmanager just says: "Error -9".
> Now I installed an other machine with the old ubuntu 14.04 to open the
> kwallet there and export it to XML. But opening the kdewallet.kwl there
> also fails with "Error 42".

This should work.

Which one did you use? You need to use the old one in ~/.kde/share/apps/
kwalletd, not the new one in ~/.config/kwalletd.

> Any idea how I can retrieve my passwords? It really would be urgent.

You can retry the migration:

Set alreadyMigrated to false again:

%> cat .config/kwalletrc 

Restart kwalletd. One way is to log out and log in. There is another way which 
works during a session, but I am not sure how it worked. Maybe you can just 
quit kwalletd5 process and start it again.

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