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Re: kdialog: sound file from notifyrc file was not found,

Bug Reporter posted on Wed, 28 Mar 2018 18:11:16 -0400 as excerpted:

> I'm using a kdialog in a bash script. It gives the following output:
> org.kde.knotifications: Audio notification requested, but sound file
> from notifyrc file was not found, aborting audio notification
> Where should the file notifyrc be and what is an example of its
> contents?

Assuming a kde-frameworks (not the old kde4) base, the generic knotifyrc 
is likely in ~/.config/knotifyrc , tho that location can be changed by 
setting the XDG_CONFIG_HOME environmental variable as appropriate.

Individual applications may have their own notifyrc, however, and I 
suspect that's what that message is referring to.  Those would be 
<appname>.notifyrc in the same subdir, so look for a kdialog.notifyrc 
file as well.

For kde4 it was I believe ~/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc (and 
<appname>.notifyrc) by default (tho some distros changed that to .kde4 or 
similar), or $KDEHOME/share/config/ if $KDEHOME is set.

Note that if you are running the plasma desktop, the GUI knotify config 
should be available in kde systemsettings, by running kcmshell5 kcmnotify, 
or by typing notifications in krunner and selecting the notifications 
system settings applet (which uses the *.desktop file to run kcmshell5 
kcmnotify, so this is really a variant of that one).

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