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Re: Amarok + USB-Stick

On Sunday April 01 2018 14:02:25 Bernd Nachtigall wrote:

> At the first time I assume that this was because of indexing or
> whatever, but this behavior is every time i try to use it with Amarok.
> So Amarok is not usable.
> If I use the stick with other tools there is a normal behavior ...

A thought: something may not be the same each time you remount the thumb drive, causing Amarok to think this is not the same drive as before and thus to reindex the thing.
2 things to try:
- create a symlink from, say, your desktop to the music content on the stick and define that as the location of your library in Amarok
- make a /etc/fstab entry for the thumb drive (using the entry in /dev/disk/by-uuid) with appropriate settings.

But maybe Amarok does this with all volumes that it recognises as removable? Do you (dis)connect it with Amarok running?