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Amarok + USB-Stick


it seems I do something wrong. I have an USB-Stick (USB-3; 132 GiByte)
this is connected to the USB-3 Port of my computer. All things are fine
(read, write) as long as I do not use Amarok.

I have copied ~25000 Files to the stick and build (just now) a playlist
(~130 titles). But EVERY time I connect this stick to my computer (same
port) it takes a very, very long time until it is accessable.

At the first time I assume that this was because of indexing or
whatever, but this behavior is every time i try to use it with Amarok.
So Amarok is not usable.
If I use the stick with other tools there is a normal behavior ...

Where should I search to get closer to an solution?